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  1. Accepted this morning to the MSW/JD! My undergrad was in Political Science cGPA: 3.58 LSAT: cancelled, 149, 158 ECs: I think they are strong, worked for a lawyer for a few summers and very involved on campus. I did fill out the optional part of the personal statement but applied general I am 100% accepting this offer!
  2. Someone I know got a rejection letter today (April 8th), I don't know their stats though! But looks like western's gonna start sending stuff out letters this week!
  3. Congrats! What were you ec's like?
  4. Would you mind sharing what were your ECs like?
  5. Can I ask what your stats are like?
  6. Congrats!!! Is this for single or dual?Also when were you referred to admin?
  7. I was pending review for a month and just got referred to admission yesterday! Hopefully you'll be soon!!
  8. Mine went from pending review this morning straight to referred to admissions later today
  9. Hey Everyone! Just wondering if I have a shot at Western, I know my LSAT and cGPA is slightly lower cGPA: 3.59 L2: 3.65 LSAT: August 2020 cancelled score, November 2020 149, January 2021 158 Good EC's, President of several student clubs and worked two jobs for all of University as well as an internship at a Criminal Lawyers office.
  10. I wrote my January LSAT and mine status is pending review
  11. I definitely was not expecting an acceptance with my 149 so I 100% understand why I haven't heard anything back yet. I think the rest of my application is pretty strong I applied to more holistic schools but thanks so much for the feedback!
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