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  1. will schools see my marks from this year or only if I apply for 2022 cycle
  2. Do I need to have purchased CAS to enrol in CRS? Thanks
  3. may be a dumb question but if I am in my 4th year right now will these grades get considered in my b2/l2? I am confident these will be the highest. If not my L2 would be 3.3 same with B2. Unrelated how do schools look at summer courses?
  4. coming from an Ontario school. we use .5 credits or 1.0. Do you know how I cover that to credit hours? Thanks
  5. Gotta couple questions! Set to graduate in may 2021 and hoping to get in for sept 2021 (applying to all of Canada). Some issues OLSAS cGPA is quite awful (2.8) BUT with an upward trend as with out including first year marks its a 3.3. By graduation I am aiming to bring cGPA up to a 3.0. First year I was in and out of the hospital/ doctors appointments as I was sick all year with mono (that took 6 months to diagnose) I know its not a rare disease but the misdiagnoses and the lack of treatment really messed with my mental health and the actual illness made it very hard to study. Could I apply as an "access applicant"? If I were to and the school didn't consider I fit the criteria would I be placed and reviewed in the general category or would that be a different application? Wrote the flex in August and got a 166. I am pleased given I studied only 2 months and figured it would help attest to my "upward trend" I am trying to argue. I am not sure if I should risk rewriting it in November. Any help here is appreciated! Thanks
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