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  1. They include the credits but not the grade (since there isn't a grade to calculate). So, for example, if you took 5 courses in Wi2020 and passed all of them, they'd include them for the 60 credit GPA calculation, but only the other 15 courses' GPA will be used in the calculation (since that's all they have to work with). This thread may help you out:
  2. Got an email this morning saying that the next round(s) of admissions will be delayed. Imagine my elation when I saw who the email was from, and the the deflating disappointment when I actually read it. Understandable though, what with the pandemic as well as the administrative restructuring.
  3. I haven't uploaded my personal statement yet, but I haven't seen any information that explicitly stated either including or deliberately excluding your name and ID number. The only requirements I saw on the JD admissions webpage was 750-100 words, a PDF format, and a due date of February 1.
  4. Based on the unofficial index calculator of (22.5)(L60* GPA) + (Average LSAT score), you have a pretty good chance this year. Historically, a 'score' on the calculator of 242 and above gets you in, but we obviously don't know if this cycle is more or less competitive, or the exact calculator they're using this year. Edit: Also assuming 3.85 is your exact GPA over the past 60 credits, MSc included.
  5. --> UNSTOPPABLE --> ̴̪̒̐D̴̰̩̊O̶̥͆ ̵͇̮͝N̶̨̝͘͠O̴̤͑T̸̗̳̏ ̷̯̦̓̓Ȁ̸̪̗T̸̬̯̄͠T̸͚̋̑Ė̴͇̳͋M̷̢̳̄P̵͍͌̈́T̵̺̽ ̷̞̣̀̽T̶͔͑̎O̴̗̒ ̵͈̔R̶̖̩̀̚Ẻ̴͈S̶̛̲̋I̸̛̲̻̽S̵̭̪̆̓T̸͓͆
  6. Homeslice, I know I'm just a somewhat clueless 0L, but I suggest that you reorient yourself on the path you're currently on, rather than staring longingly and wistfully at the detour you missed a hundred kilometers back. You've been given some seemingly sound advice from practicing, experienced lawyers on a pragmatic solution to your legitimate problem. But you can't seem to let go of the problematic and unrealistic conclusion you've reached and stubbornly refuse to surrender. You need to let go of the literal and figurative girl, and explore the options you currently have rather than the ones you wished you took years ago. To me (again, just an applicant), you have more of a perspective problem than a career problem.
  8. The ambiguity between 'official vs unofficial' and 'final vs. incomplete' transcripts has caused quite a headache for a few folks, it seems. Including me.
  9. No worries, we'll get there in a few years buddy.
  10. I don’t mean to call you out like a jerk (I genuinely don’t), but 0Ls like you and I shouldn’t be dispensing advice like this.
  11. I'm sorry for partially derailing your thread. I have some actual contributions, but keep in mind that I'm just an applicant, and most of my knowledge has been gleaned from obsessively searching this website's various topics. It is, of course, very difficult to predict the extent to which Fall 2021 will be in-person. From my limited perspective, I anticipate at least some in-person components being involved, which is important for getting to know your law school peers. I think it would be safe to say that your second and third years of law school will be at least somewhat in-person, which is pretty useful for building your network. The most repeated advice I've seen for the selection of a law school is, all else being equal, to pick one in the province in which you'd like to practice. You build connections in law school (and are yourself a connection to others) that you can leverage as you enter your actual career. I would say that -- if Ontario is definitely the province you'd want to practice in -- to go to an Ontario law school. I don't think the possibility of an online first year is enough reason to sway you away from Queens, especially as the situation (hopefully) gets better as you enter your second and third years. It isn't impossible to switch from NS to ON, but you might spare yourself some future hurdles by starting out in the province you'd like to end up in. Again, to reiterate, I'm just a 0L. I'm only some guy on the internet with incomplete knowledge of your circumstances. And all of the information I've given you is second-to-third-hand at best, and rampant speculation at worst. But I hope it's something of a stepping stone for you to eventually make your decision.
  12. I'm gonna have my LSAT score and test date on my law student business card, right beneath 'JD Candidate'. Admittedly, since I'm currently a 0L, at this moment it says 'JD Candidate Candidate'.
  13. These forums are almost hilariously combative.
  14. Hello. This place will not be very good to improve your English. Pay for an 'English as a Second Language' (ESL) class. I wish you well.
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