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  1. Same here, feel free to reach out to me, I had my interview today! The interviewers were surprisingly friendly, and my interview was only 20 minutes long. And yep, make sure to kind of know what's happening in the news!
  2. Yeah, from what I've read on previous forums (and what was written in my interview email), they'll ask you "why McGill", "why law" and "why now, as opposed to in three years, after an undergraduate degree", as well as more precise questions about your application.
  3. Yep, same here, but I got my email a bit later, so there were less slots. There is usually a second round of interviews that goes out in late-April/May! First round is usually candidates who have stronger CVs or higher R-scores (from what I've read on here)
  4. Hi! I got an email about my interview on Wednesday. I think that this year, because of COVID and possibly more applicants than usual, they took longer to go through applications from cegep students.
  5. Hey! Thanks for starting this topic, and good luck in your application! R-score: 34.5 CV: Pretty solid, I've got a lot of leadership positions in and out of school and volunteer work. Ps: I worked a lot on it, but I'm really sure how good it is. LoRs: I think they're good?
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