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  1. Got the call at 1:58 EST! I didn't answer because I thought it was spam, then I googled the name that came up and saw 'UofT Faculty of Law' on their linkedin and lost it haha. I'm so so shocked and can't believe it, definitely my lifelong dream come true. OLSAS GPA: 3.75 LSAT: 166. Fourth year UofT undergrad, and imo my personal statement probably had a lot to do with it Edit: I did also write the additional essay
  2. Someone just posted in the accepted thread that they just got the call now... there goes my ability to focus on my exams for the rest of the day (and next week..) 😆
  3. I didn't write Part B though I really could have, I just included the info in my other answers. But I think my stats are the lowest of anyone on here who got accepted today so I guess it still worked 😆
  4. Accepted December 9! So so happy (I'm shaking!). In the queue December 7. Congrats everyone CGPA: 3.75 LSAT 166
  5. If you look at the conversion chart here you can see how it tries to equalize differences in grading across all the schools: https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-conversion-table/. I definitely feel you because my GPA goes from 3.83 on my transcript to 3.75 on OLSAS. It's because my school (UofT) counts 85-89 as a 3.9-4.0, whereas OLSAS counts that as a 3.7. Someone from the UofT admissions office described it like they take a grade ie A- and then make it so that an A- is the same thing at every school, and because every school grades slightly differently, that takes some adjustment. For some schools it entails a decrease and others an increase.
  6. current mood https://pixabay.com/photos/tablet-display-screen-green-screen-5438606/
  7. Lmaooo omg I'm actually laughing so hard. Thank you all for entertaining me and distracting me from refreshing every 5 seconds
  8. Imagine if that was how they told you... this picture with the text "you're in!" instead
  9. Does anyone know what happens if you miss the call? Do they leave a voicemail? 😆
  10. Mine has now appeared in the last 5 minutes! Question, does anyone know if the schools that look at L2 include summer courses in that? My L2 is 3.8 if the courses I took in summer 2019 aren't counted, but 3.6 if they are... so really hoping they're not lol.
  11. In the queue as of December 7 (though it didn't appear on OASIS until today, December 8). My status hadn't been updated at all for weeks so I'm excited to see something other than "Thank for applying.." lol. OLSAS CGPA 3.75, LSAT 166.
  12. I don't have one from UofT but also have one from Osgoode on December 4, though I'm not in the queue. Was yours Dec 4 too? (I also have one from Ottawa and Western, but not UofT or Queen's).
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