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  1. Early october I believe. I've already accepted UofA anyways but Uvic is the only school that I'm still waiting on.
  2. I have about a 3.5-6 with drops and a 167. Mine changed to decision pending about a month ago and hasn't moved since. I feel ya
  3. Not really. Pretty much all info you could find on their website.
  4. Mine changed to that in december and then it changed back to under review in January. Still haven't heard anything anyways. I think it doesn't matter
  5. Accepted last night. 3.49 or 3.5 L20 and 167 LSAT. Will be declining.
  6. You DO NOT want to live anywhere near Whyte Ave IMO. Very sketchy
  7. They changed that rule when I was prepping and I remember seeing it. Was about last year at this time
  8. Have you already accepted your offer?
  9. I'd rather see future applicants avoid the trap of perceiving their first LSAT as life or death than have a forum of angsty pre-laws happy. Just poking the bear.You'll all still get in. Edit: I had a my first ever panic attack on my first LSAT because I was so focused on how it was my only shot to get into UofA. I was PTing in the 170s and ended up with a 160. Obviously they should have notified people but come on this is a net benefit moving forward.
  10. I was getting in either way champ. Attacking people on a Law forum is peak clownery
  11. The old system punished people who had a bad day on one of their tests. There's a reason its being changed. Regardless of the lack of notice, the new system is exactly how it ALWAYS should have been now. If that negatively affected you 🤷‍♂️ If you guys are looking for fairness in law admissions, you're pretty naive. The system has always been broken and always will be. The amount of people this benefited and the amount of people it will hurt will balance out.
  12. its not garbage lol its what every other university in North America (except Mcgill) does.
  13. I was typing this same comment. I have a 3.4-5, depending on the school scale, so I needed a 170 to get into most schools. I PTed at 175-179 for a month before the test and still got a 167. You realistically need to be PTing around there since you need 170+. Good Luck
  14. Ya same. I think they said they are doing it later in the summer.
  15. L2 thats all they look at. My cGPA is about the same though.
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