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  1. In queue Jan 8th LSAT: 159 ( jan rewrite) CGPA: 3.79
  2. OMG!!!!!! ACCEPTED!!! on RAMSS GPA: 3.78 LSAT: 159 (Aug), 159 (Nov), Jan (rewrite)
  3. Hey thanks for responding! How are you able to come up with these stats? I'd love to know. Also why 'god knows' for windsor LMAOO
  4. Hi Everyone! I plan on applying to law school Fall 2020 and was just wondering what my chances would be at these schools or if applying would be a likely waste of time/money. I am currently applying to Osgoode, Queens, Ottawa, Windsor, UofT, Ryerson and Western. I do plan on rewriting the LSAT to try and get over 160 (i was so close lmao). I am a full time student, with a few extra curricular, leadership and volunteering experiences throughout my undergrad. I have also worked most summers (2 as a cashier, 1 at OPS) while doing summer courses. Any insight on my chances would be appreciated. Thanks!
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