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  1. Accepted on OASIS on Jan. 11th! LSAT: 162, 164 OLSAS CGPA: 3.80 Didn't write part b! Congratulations to everyone and good luck to those still waiting!! 🥳😊
  2. what score do you think is strong enough to aim for, for my gpa?
  3. I don't know is this matters but update: I scored a 166 on the first pt I took in a while and BR'ed a 174. I'm not sure if it's worth trying to pursue a higher score for a January LSAT at this moment ;~;
  4. I already took the LSAT twice in the past year, once in June (162) and once again in August (164). I was scheduled to take it again In November but decided to post-pone it until January. Admittedly, Master's applications and end-of-term finals got the best of me, so I haven't studied vigorously since November. My OLSAS cGPA and B3 is 3.80. My dream school is UofT, which is why I have been considering retaking the LSAT so many times as I do recognize that I am in their lower percentile (though I also applied to Osgoode, Western, Queens, and Ryerson). However, I do not want to have a third attempt on file without a significant increase (as in 167+) since I have heard this does not look good and would want to save a third and final-ish attempt in the case that I decide to defer going to law school for another year, which would give me more time to study for a third attempt. Considering the January LSAT is in two weeks, do you think it is worth retaking? Or should I just apply to this cycle with a high of 164 and 3.80? I do have a lot of family, work, and academic commitments, but I would be willing to give it another shot in January 2021 if this is the general consensus. Any insight would be appreciated! Thanks!
  5. I definitely sympathize! I'm glad we do get updates, but it's quite stressful (and frustrating) to have these updates not correspond with what they actually planned ;~; I felt quite blindsided by how the first round actually panned out, considering previous years and what the tumblr updates said would happen instead. I too would personally prefer not having exact updates than being misled, though I do understand that the amount of work the admissions committee has to do is incredibly overwhelming and impressive. I guess they're doing their best given the circumstances? 😣 But it definitely doesn't feel so great on the receiving end.....
  6. hey, just wondering why 50% for UofT? is it based on the factors OP outlined, outside of stats? thanks!
  7. hey! I've been studying on-and-off again for the LSAT during the school year as well! Though it is incredibly difficult to stay on top of things, some of the things I think I learned have been: 1) do a little every day (even if it's 30 minutes or an hour of studying) 2) prioritize the quality of your reviewing over quantity 3) and try to do one pt every weekend or one pt every 2 weeks. I'm in the same boat as you! I've taken a week-long break at this point LOL But good luck to us!
  8. omg Jerome!!! Hahaha he was so funny when he came to our school to give an admissions presentation! Love the dude (also, if you're comfortable, do you mind sharing your stats? I wonder if UofT prioritizes the higher stats in first round of admissions or if it's just more random LOL)
  9. I think it might depend on the school? For example, I know U of T will look at your full application and if they consider you a competitive applicant they will not wait for your retake score to be processed in order to make a decision. I get the general sense that schools will see all your LSAT scores and reassess when your retake score comes in, but I might be wrong....
  10. So I've heard different things about how U of T looks at multiple LSAT attempts. One admissions officer said that they look at the percentile of the raw score rather than the score itself; he said that we should not consider rewriting if we are in the 85th percentile or higher, because our raw score is unlikely to increase by THAT much and that having an 85th percentile or higher is probably good enough. I know U of T can see all your scores on file and does place emphasis on the highest score, as per their admissions website. However, I am at a loss at how U of T considers that highest score, as I keep hearing different things. For example, my first attempt was 162 (84th percentile), my second was 164 (89th percentile) and now I am attempting the LSAT once more. As you can see, I only had a 2 point increase in my raw score (but a 5 point increase in percentile rank, if that makes a difference). While U of T will supposedly emphasize my 164 (at this point, before my retake), does anyone know if this score will be perceived as pretty much in the realm of a 162 because I didn't improve that much? Or is a 164 a 164 in their eyes, regardless of past scores? I'm nervous about having multiple attempts on file that don't necessarily have a super big jump in raw scores. If anyone could shed some light on this, it would be appreciated! Thanks!!
  11. I feel that so hard ;~; good luck to us both and I can't wait until this is over!!
  12. yeah I definitely feel that! I'm just anxious because a January retake means being considered for the last round or so for admissions ;~; also, with it being my third retake, I'm nervous about having multiple scores on file for the schools that don't look at multiple scores that favorably :^/ have you heard anything about january retakes? if they actually mess up your chances for acceptance?
  13. thank you for the insight! sorry if this is a silly question, but what do you mean by 75%?
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