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  1. Added to the wait pool on April 27th OLSAS GPA: 3.55 B2/L2 : 3.8 LSAT: 165 (LSAT-Flex)
  2. I'm going into my first year of law school at Dalhousie. Does anyone know if classes are in person or remote? I'm from Calgary and need to plan moving and housing, etc. The university hasn't replied to my emails and calls aren't going through. Does anyone have any guidance or answers for this?
  3. I really enjoyed the topics and panels that they offered. I actually think that the warmness and passion they had for their school is what is pushing me towards accepting my Dalhousie offer. I want to attend a school where they actually care about the students, and I believe it was during the first session where one of the coordinators mentioned Dalhousie Law is a place where they "pull students up, not tear each other down", and that rang very prescient for me. It's clearly a welcoming and nurturing environment.
  4. If you manage to score a 163 on the LSAT with a 3.9 L2 GPA which is all Queen's looks at anyways - you should be fine honestly. Since you're writing in February though, you might get your acceptance much later, or put on the waitlist? However I don't know how that process works. But I think in terms of stats you're just fine for Queen's.
  5. Hey, don't feel bad. I'm from Alberta too and the economy is in the gutter and I did plan this as my gap year. So guess what, I'm currently sipping cocktails on a beach of the Kenyan coast because I decided I'm not going to let this stop me. I'm going to live my life and do the things I wanted to do this year, regardless of what's happening. I'm going to Senegal next and I'm making my way to Europe before coming home for law school. So don't feel bad for wanting to take a gap year, and just book that one way ticket already. You only have one life.
  6. I think Queens does rolling admissions starting in January. Not sure about the rest.
  7. I think you'll get into Ottawa and Western because of your stronger LSAT. You have a strong chance for Queens and Dalhousie but I think York is going to be a hard reach. Then again, I'm not an admissions counselor and I'm completely pulling this out of my ass based on what I've seen here. It's just one big mirror so take this with a huge grain of salt.
  8. I'm sorry you're feeling this way. I can relate, it doesn't help when people are posting about getting admitted this early in the cycle. But we need to take everything on this forum with a HUGE grain of salt. 1. The type of people that even use a forum like this, and the subset of people that actually post on here is so miniscule and completely unrepresentative of the law student population at large. 2. Generally, the type of people that actually post on here are going to have exceptional stats. Just remember that they're the minority, not the majority. Nobody is going to post average stats on here. For the most part, this whole thing is just one big ego boost. 3. Whether you get accepted in December or April, you still got accepted. Keep that in mind. Who gives a shit when you get your letter? What matters is that all of you will be sitting in the same intro class and that's what really matters. I truly wouldn't advise to rewrite the LSAT. Your stats are on the lower end, but for the schools you applied to they aren't terrible. I would think they're actually very average and representative of stats for that school and I think you're going to be just fine. Please don't pay attention to this stupid forum because I made the same mistake and I've been spiraling down a dark hole thinking I'm not going to get in anywhere. But just remember that this place is nowhere near the truth or representative of the type of people that are going to law school. Just trust the process and if you're meant to get in, you will.
  9. But I did it for each class and still arrived at a 3.7. Does an A- for OLSAS mean 3.5 or 3.7?
  10. Anyone else shocked by their OLSAS GPA? They only calculated my last 3 years of university and determined my GPA is a 3.55. When I calculated my GPA from those same 3 years, my GPA should have been a 3.7. I'm very confused as to how they got to 3.55. I'm also very upset about my chances to schools that I applied now, because I applied with the 3.7 in mind, not 3.55. Did anyone else get confused when they saw their OLSAS calculated GPA?
  11. I've only applied to 4 schools: Dalhousie, Queens, York and Toronto. I've seen quite a few posts regarding a competitive cycle. I didn't think about that when applying and now I'm nervous I might have applied to too few schools. What are my chances with my GPA and score of getting into those schools?
  12. Not sure what drops are? I never dropped any classes in college if that's what you mean.
  13. I would appreciate any thoughts you guys had on which schools you realistically think I could get into. I don't have an intense desire to absolutely study in Ontario, and would be very open to schools in other regions. My stats are: LSAT: 165 CGPA: 3.56 B3: 3.70 L2: 3.8 What schools do you think I could get into? Is UBC even worth me applying for?
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