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  1. I have no idea. I think it depends on number of courses completed. I have a semester left of my 4th year and I think I looked at a chart that said 3 rn but 6 after my final term but I have no clue.
  2. @canuckfanatic Thank you. That's really interesting to hear. I would be an Ontario applicant so I guess I could make the case that I want to stay in BC after grad or move back to Ontario near my family. Obviously there's more to an applicant than geo representation and there are niche problem area like the example in Greater Van you mentioned but I have always been of the mentality (/cliche) that you are your greatest inhibitor and if you really want something, persistence and hard work can get you far.
  3. Hey, I'm seriously considering uVic although I would appreciate a real chat about the prospects of living elsewhere in Canada after graduating. I'm not necessarily talking Big Law, just in Ontario or Vancouver. I assumed many uVic students worked in Van after but in another thread that didn't seem to always be the case. Any insight is appreciated!!
  4. Do you folks know if I were to send a transcript with fall 2020 grades my gpa would be re-calculated? Or if you have to send an updated transcript regardless?
  5. In queue, Dec.23rd. Another 161, 3.62. In 4th year.
  6. @NotSoGoodReally hey - I took your advice and because I am still in my fourth year and looking at the unit/credit chart I think I would only be removing my 3 worst marks (all of my courses are weighed the same) which leaves my GPA at 4.04. However, with lowest 6 dropped my GPA would be 4.11. SO this is all to say my index score would be 910 (with lowest three dropped) and 919.7 (with lowest six dropped). I think I might be applying. Thanks for your help.
  7. Hey - after this term I will have an alright GPA (cGPA: 3.65, L2: 3.96 out of 4 for both) but average LSAT - 161. Is it too late to apply? I know technically I can apply till January 15th but is there a low chance with my stats and late application?
  8. Unfortunately this is the case. It definitely puts you and anyone else in a similar position at a disadvantage compared to UBC students or other schools who are given number grades so a 94 is counted as a 94. (I would be happily corrected)
  9. I received my "assessment has begun" Nov.27th and was accepted last Wednesday. Soon!
  10. They calculated my GPA wrong the first time but then I had asked them to re-confirm and it was 3% higher.
  11. Yes I emailed early November, my original GPA was wrong so I asked them to check and they got back to me about a week late with a higher cgpa and apologizing because they said they're swamped rn.
  12. OKAY. I'm back. Just to clarify, if I am in my fourth year currently, 0 drops will apply until I am done my fall term? Then, 3 courses would drop? (all my courses are worth the same) Just because I saw that table with the units or credits versus drops and I have completed "45 uVic equiv." units/ "90 uVic equiv. credits" but after fall term those numbers would be 50 and 100.
  13. I’m in! Got the email this morning. LSAT: 161 L2: 4.15/4.3 Went into the queue Nov.27th Non-maritime student Applied Oct 21st, everything updated by Nov.5th
  14. This is Dal's index calculator: [(LSAT SCORE - 120)/(60)] x 0.4 + [(GPA/4.3) x (0.6)] = Index Score 0.81 for non-maritime students is listed as competitive on this thread. Yours is 0.789. Many people get in below the index rate, but it is typically later on in the admissions process. Also, while this site has 0.81 for non-maritime students, I was told it was 0.79 for non-maritime students at an info session in the fall so it could be wrong.
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