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  1. IMO, you’ll be in, it’s just a matter of time. I’m not sure and I don’t want to speculate, but perhaps the reason why they’ve kept you waiting is that while they may take L2, they index initially by cGPA. It takes awhile to get to everyone’s file and calculate L2 (but hard to say it would take this long). just remember, sometimes no news is good news. I am sure you will be offered admissions soon, your LSAT and L2 is competitive, as your index proves. I think Nov 30 was last day for earlier admissions as well, if that means anything. Also, I know it’s hard but try not compare yourself to last cycles timeline especially. They were at least a month behind from the initial release of acceptances and that’s expected with COVID. Hang tight!! edit: yesterday was deadline to accept for most so there will certainly be more seats to fill - I would estimate a wave will come soon
  2. Checked this morning, nothing. Checked this afternoon, still nothing. Checked now on a whim, and admitted. LSAT: 161; cGPA: 3.66/L2: 3.99 I would go so far to say great ECs lol
  3. I’ll just post here as well, also waiting. Expecting to get rejected. 86.04 (confirmed) and 161 LSAT. If only they took my 4th year I’d be at 88% and maybe have a chance🥺🥲 (I’m also at a letter-grade school)
  4. Accepted today! Got an email to check portal. cGPA: 3.66/L2: 3.98 LSAT: 161 Regular candidate, will be accepting elsewhere but happy to be considered nonetheless
  5. Also worried, haven’t heard back yet. cGPA: 3.66 L2: 3.99 161
  6. Accepted Feb.10, did not see email until now! LSAT 161, cGPA: 3.66, L2 3.99 Queue: Dec 23 Filled out Part B.
  7. Yes I did - TITLE OF POSITION - ORGANIZATION (start-finish dates) Bullet points describing briefly, sometimes copied from resume, often tweaked to be brief or connect directly to values of Dal
  8. Hello, just wondering if we need to send an official or unofficial transcript of Fall 2020 if already accepted? Thanks.
  9. Accepted via email (applied Nov.1)! 161 cGPA: 3.66 L2/B2: 3.99 Applied general.
  10. I have no idea. I think it depends on number of courses completed. I have a semester left of my 4th year and I think I looked at a chart that said 3 rn but 6 after my final term but I have no clue.
  11. @canuckfanatic Thank you. That's really interesting to hear. I would be an Ontario applicant so I guess I could make the case that I want to stay in BC after grad or move back to Ontario near my family. Obviously there's more to an applicant than geo representation and there are niche problem area like the example in Greater Van you mentioned but I have always been of the mentality (/cliche) that you are your greatest inhibitor and if you really want something, persistence and hard work can get you far.
  12. Hey, I'm seriously considering uVic although I would appreciate a real chat about the prospects of living elsewhere in Canada after graduating. I'm not necessarily talking Big Law, just in Ontario or Vancouver. I assumed many uVic students worked in Van after but in another thread that didn't seem to always be the case. Any insight is appreciated!!
  13. Do you folks know if I were to send a transcript with fall 2020 grades my gpa would be re-calculated? Or if you have to send an updated transcript regardless?
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