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  1. LSAT:173 GPA: 3.75 (Not sure what B3 is) Worked and stuff post grad (graduated in STEM) I guess I absolutely shit the bed in the essay. P.S. I absolutely need validation and that is the only reason I am posting. My ego is beyond repair and need someone to help with my insecurities. EDIT: The above statement may come off as sarcastic. I assure you it is not. I tear my biceps trying to curl 45lbs for my ego lifts.
  2. Tea leaves time. But I would also like to stop looking at my email so much.
  3. I confirmed with my university that they sent the transcript to OLSAS on September 3rd but it has not been marked as 'received' yet on OLSAS. I was wondering if this is normal in terms of processing time. The reason I ask is because I was in a joint program with two universities and I sent over transcripts from both institutions. One was sent a day earlier and that transcript was processed last week. Thanks
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