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  1. I would recommend you double check with Admissions to see if they'll consider part time courses as part of their L2 calculation.
  2. Are your courses going to be taken at a full time load?
  3. It seems like the offers that were made on the 15th came from the general category. Pure speculation- but maybe the access committee hasn't sat down for an assessment session since the April 1st deadline? Hoping there's movement for access applicants soon
  4. L O L. Maybe you should be my therapist then bud.
  5. Hello people. Oz Ad com has confirmed that rejections and waitlist have begun rolling out.
  6. This seems sus to me when I emailed them they told me: Unfortunately, I can not reveal when more offers will be released.
  7. Heard there were rejections today?
  8. Haha yeah I figured, I was just contributing to the sarcasm hehe. But as per your comment about Ottawa, I was going to say the opposite. It seems like Ottawa is admitting applicants with lower stats than they traditionally would and rejecting applicants with the stats that they usually favour. I think they're doings things a little different this cycle along with other schools. I mean @Throwaway10 is a perfect example of this - their stats are well aligned with Ottawa's stats.
  9. What's wrong with that Lucky? can you say something like: "I'd die for a chance to go to Queens as it's a fairytale dream of mine" ?
  10. A black static box essentially. I did see some special circum/access/mature acceptances and rejections so I imagine they probably have reviewed all applications at this point in time.
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