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  1. do you mind explaining the process? is the proctor always on standby?
  2. Thanks Spence. I got a private tutor so I’m on a strategy schedule with them. I’m glad to hear that the flex wasn’t draining for you! How was the overall online format, did you experience any technical difficulties?
  3. writing the test, just want to overall experience because I'm writing flex in Jan
  4. thanks for that! for writing sample, you are typing on your laptop/comp right? so, you're writing into their provided software not on word or etc?
  5. idk about you but i jot down all my notes and i write relatively big, each game takes me one page...
  6. is there a limit to the amount of scratch paper we get to use??
  7. so as long as i pay and submit by deadline, transcripts will meet deadline even if its received after deadline date?
  8. same question- do you have to submit the app and pay to get transcripts sent to OLSAS? is that the only thing needed on our end?
  9. @LUCKYCHARM correct/updated stats, need more input.
  10. Hey guys, Wanted to see if I could get help from the community about my chances at Osgoode, Queens, Western, UOttawa, Ryerson, and Windsor. CGPA: 3.26 B2: 3.65 L2: 3.48 Post-grad studies: 3.95 (Project Management Certificate at Uoft) Great volunteer experience in Food Banks, Indigenous communities, mental health initiatives, gender and inclusion etc. Good work experience as well, however not law related. Good ECs and decent LRs all academic from professors. Taking first LSAT in Jan, got a cold test score of 160- had some previous logic experience. I understand there is no real prediction that can be made without true score, however, I would like a gauge and get some insights from you guys. Let's say I was to score a 165. I am applying under access where I can, as you can see from L2 I didn't have a consistent performance, there were some circumstances that led to that and I will be discussing it in my personal statements and more specifically my access claim statements. Thank you guys in advance :)!
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