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  1. A fellow speed reader I see.
  2. Congrats! Did you apply access or general?
  3. I know access applications take longer to assess. I applied access to uOttawa and Queen's too and I'm still waiting to hear back. All the schools you mentioned have sent out rejections, so I would say it's not detrimental that we haven't heard back (but I wouldn't consider it a positive either). Best of luck!
  4. I love this haha! uOttawa has been slow, they probably have a ton of provisional accepts? I know that the yield of Ottawa has increased exponentially that coupled with the increase of applicants.
  5. Have you tried reaching out to them? The status 'under evaluation' essentially is the last update before a decision is made on your file. I would recommend you leaving your application. For one, you've already paid your dues for it. And depending on the decision you get, it may help you gauge what you need to do next cycle or not... this cycle is a bit of a mess. But let's say you get waitlisted - maybe that could indicate you're a strong applicant for next cycle or you need improve a particular area (GPA, score, PS+extras) in your application. With that being said, you definitely can reapply with the same application but the question is whether or not that's the best thing to do as there's often a reason(s) why you're applying again. Best of luck!
  6. Yeah I didn't read the "one of them isn't graded" part. However, I'm not sure if HAS to be graded. This is what they told me: Queen’s Law looks at your best two years. We define a “best year” as your highest scoring Fall & Winter terms that were completed at a full load. Queen’s Law considers an average of 4/5 classes per term over the fall and winter terms to be a full load. Meaning, you can take 3 in one term and 5 in the other and still meet the average of 4. We will use your two best years to calculate your competitive GPA. Summer terms and those done on an exchange are not factored into this average. If a course is repeated, both scores are factored into your CGPA. Only grades that appear in your best two years are factored into your GPA.
  7. That should constitute as full time studies and will be considered as part of your B2.
  8. I would recommend you double check with Admissions to see if they'll consider part time courses as part of their L2 calculation.
  9. Are your courses going to be taken at a full time load?
  10. It seems like the offers that were made on the 15th came from the general category. Pure speculation- but maybe the access committee hasn't sat down for an assessment session since the April 1st deadline? Hoping there's movement for access applicants soon
  11. L O L. Maybe you should be my therapist then bud.
  12. Hello people. Oz Ad com has confirmed that rejections and waitlist have begun rolling out.
  13. This seems sus to me when I emailed them they told me: Unfortunately, I can not reveal when more offers will be released.
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