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  1. I agree with @albertabean the fact that there's less than 2 months left and that 1L grades have a significant influence on your career prospects have me motivated more than ever.
  2. From a law student perspective, I think it's an awesome platform for us students to connect with lawyers. Also a good way to keep up with where your friends are working in the summer I guess
  3. I think if you can drive, you should be fine. It takes me 20 minutes to walk to school, so if you can drive, you should be good. However, the 407 gets expensive real fast, so you might want to see how much it costs vs. getting a rental.
  4. It was incredibly difficult to find a 1L summer job, but perseverance paid off. I applied to 15 jobs before I ended up securing one, so don't give up. I suggest fellow 1Ls to apply to everything they can, you never know what can happen. There's still a lot of RA job openings as well, so apply for those too
  5. should we respond to confirm we're still interested or just wait for the call?
  6. just got ITC to schedule an interview
  7. Setting Bay St. rankings from the 2L recruit aside, does the other 2/3 of the Osgoode class that don't land jobs in the recruit do better for themselves compared to the 2/3 that don't get jobs in the recruit at Western/Queens? Does being an average student at Osgoode lead to better employment prospects compared to being average at Western/Queens?
  8. Also for the backpack - my school provides backpacks for the entire 1L class, so depending on the school you go to, you might not need to get one as well. They're really high quality and I have been using mine all year.
  9. I've found google drive to ruin the formatting when converting back to word files, so I've been using Onedrive for group projects. Although google drive is better overall IMO, the formatting issues with word aren't worth it
  10. Since you're applying next cycle, have you considered UfT? improving your LSAT by a few points would make a major difference as your B3 is killer
  11. Don't assume this. I didn't talk about ECs at all in my personal statements and I did well. Your part-time work is more valuable and if you can pitch that in a certain way, I think you'll be fine
  12. Osgoode is also a larger school with 300 students. Accommodating in-person classes for this many students social distanced would not be a simple feat. Ryerson is half that, so I imagine it would be easier to accommodate in-person classes.
  13. just looked into this.. Osler pays 1900/week..... in Ottawa.
  14. I accepted a school outside Ontario last year before getting Ontario offers.
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