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  1. Should they be releasing later today? I don't see anything on OWL.
  2. I used 7sage and did not find it helpful either. I took the HarvardReady course and that really helped improve my score.
  3. I only have had one class over zoom in law school (the rest are in person) and it has been a great experience for me so far.
  4. I was considering this but was curious what professors look for. I'm guessing above average midterm grades? Also do you get paid as a RA?
  5. I get the same advice from upper years (based on your post history you went to Western too, so maybe it's a Western thing?)
  6. if it makes you feel better, I'm a K-JD and have no idea what 'give wave' means
  7. How do you find the firms in the GTA that hire 1L summer students? I've been looking (will look at this further after exam season) but can't seem to find a lot. Do they post on job portals? Do you cold email? Big law is easy to apply to, everything is in one spot.
  8. when I applied, I had no idea what was competitive and thought you needed like a 4.0 to get in. Not everyone has a good grasp on what's needed to get an acceptance
  9. 1L recruit is for the unicorns. Western/Queens/Osgoode don't do as well in the 1L recruit compared to UfT. I'm planning on using it as a learning experience to improve my application materials for 2L. https://ultravires.ca/2020/10/toronto-summer-2020-1l-recruitment-results/
  10. 18 days for a 1L at Western, honestly not bad. However, the undergrads get an extra week off...
  11. Timely advice considering 1L exams start in just over a week! guess I should stop browsing LS daily now
  12. I wish. My tuition alone this year is more than double that
  13. In undergrad, I would study a few days before exams. In LS, I've already started and exams are 2 weeks away. Also, in undergrad, I could just cram an entire course right before exams. Whereas in law school, I have been keeping up with everything and making a summary every week. I'm just holding on to the idea of apparently being able to just look at a summary in 2L and write exams.
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