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  1. With less than a week until the deadline for tuition deposits, I was thinking maybe we could revive this thread and see who has accepted/declined or who is still undecided on their acceptance. Might be helpful for those sitting on the waitlist, myself included. 😀
  2. Rejected yesterday - Not very surprised, U of C seemed to be way competitive this year. Still a bummer though.. LSAT 156 L60 - 3.84 Pretty decent ECs I think.
  3. Bless your heart! It is very interesting to see where you sit! I am really hoping 15 spots open up for all of us on here.
  4. Literally, so excited for you! I am sending some serious positive vibes your way! I know that it is a upward climb but I am very excited as well for the 10th. I feel that we will see a few more acceptances because the FB page really only has roughly 140 students.
  5. Just got the the notification! Fingers crossed so hard! LSAT 156 and L60 3.91 (unconfirmed)
  6. That exciting! Hopefully we can hear back soon. When did you email them to confirm you L60? I emailed yesterday and I haven't heard back yet.
  7. Seems like they might be busy 😜 , I emailed yesterday so hopefully by the end of the week.
  8. Wondering if you got an email back and if so how long did it take to hear back.
  9. Yeah, I reached out for them to confirm the GPA calculation they have on file. Fingers crossed.
  10. Hey I am just wondering if summer internships that are apart of a program count to you L60 credits. Do anyone know this?
  11. Holy, hopefully there are some more acceptances this week as well.
  12. Just out curiosity has anyone been waitlisted or rejected? It has been a week since the last wave of acceptances.
  13. That is a good idea! I just self calculated mine again, and I don't know why it would be anything different than what I calculated. I literally feel like I am checking every 10 minutes. After seeing the stats drop a bit it really got me optimistic again. My fingers are so crossed they are stuck this way. lol
  14. Do we think that think this might be the holistic round? I am right on the edge, 3.9 L2 and 156 LSAT. I am just wondering if personal statements are pushing people over the edge or holding people back.
  15. Same thing as U of C - So now that the deposit deadline has passed, do we expect to hear something back this week or maybe see a wave of acceptances or declines soon? Literally checking so often......
  16. So now that the deposit deadline has passed, do we expect to hear something back this week or maybe see a wave of acceptances or declines soon? Literally checking so often......
  17. Im still holding out for hope but I literally have that though so frequently! 😂
  18. Literally pulling my hair out but fingers crossed! 3.9 and 156 - 243.8
  19. There has been some rejections, in some other threads. I think only about three have actually posted though.
  20. I certainly agree! Another day with silence still means we are in the running!
  21. That's awesome certainly gives me a piece of mind! Thank you
  22. Did you get a message or notification that said your application was reviewed? I just feel that they have not even looked at mine yet.
  23. Hello, I was just curious if anyone else is still waiting for a final transcript to be uploaded for their application. I am currently finishing up my last semester of my 4th year and I had submitted my unofficial transcript for the Fall 2020 back in January. However, it seems that my application wont be reviewed until I submit my final transcript for my Winter 2021. I did not think that UofA takes those marks into account, when evaluating an application. Has anyone else experienced this?
  24. Thank you so much! Hopefully it works out, fingers crossed.
  25. I feel like I am checking every single day, and I know that patience is key. However, It seems like I am in a purgatory of waiting for any law school to acknowledge that I exist. 😂 I know that Calgary is a pretty holistic school and I feel that my ECs are pretty decent, lots of volunteer (law related ) and work experience (not any related to law). As well my PS I think it is pretty decent but I am not sure comparatively. Any information or insight would be absolutely amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you !
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