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  1. Hey all! 1. I'm identifying a few awards attained in school on my OLSAS sketch (Dean's List, external awards), but am told by my post-secondary institution that no verifier can be provided for any items noted on an official transcript (that is, transcript should be sufficient evidence - but OLSAS requires a verifier). Does anyone have experience with adding items to the OLSAS sketch that are also noted on an official transcript? 2. Does anyone have guidance they could give for making mention of work committee memberships on the OLSAS sketch? This would be for classification purposes (assuming an employment activity) and the obtaining of verifiers at a current place of work (of which I'm not thrilled about sourcing a coworker for, given that my current employment could be notified of my intention to leave). Many thanks! DMoney
  2. Hi all. I've submitted an application to U of A's law program and, after paying, am being prompted for a document upload. Included here is my High School. Does the University of Alberta require high school transcripts to be sent to the institution, or only for post-secondary? Thanks!
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