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  1. How do you feel about this? My friend emailed them and got the same response. We are trying not to overthink it, but taken together with the email from another poster which said all applicants should hear back in May, I am a bit worried about what that could mean.
  2. Thanks for the update! I sent them an email but haven't heard anything back!
  3. Not at all! I have graduated from my undergrad, but I am a master's student currently, so I thought they may be waiting for this semester's marks as well.
  4. My application updated to "Completed" today, as a heads up!
  5. I'm in the exact same boat unfortunately! Yesterday, I couldn't access the log in menu at all. Today, I can get to the log in menu but it won't let me get in...
  6. I was debating making a post about this! I think I read on their website that their offices close on the 24th, so I was hoping that maybe today or tomorrow they would send a few out. But I think they had a lot of issues with the applications getting cut off, so it is probably delayed until the new year. I was also wondering if anyone sent them an email asking about when they would hear? I'd love to know what they said!
  7. I was noticing that as well, clearly I really need to chill out! We got this, gotta give the process time! I read something on here where someone explained that being a lawyer is largely about "waiting", so we might as well get used to it now!
  8. thank you for also talking me off the edge, so to speak! I have been "Pending Decision" for 2 weeks now, I know my stats are not stellar, but the waiting is killing me so I was debating calling. But, I agree, it is way too early to start calling!
  9. My application is the exact same! It is "Incomplete", always has been. They say the only thing missing now is my LSAT, which they initiated. I saw on LSAC that they requested it Dec. 4th, so I am just assuming they haven't looked at my app much since!
  10. Thank you so much for responding! That totally makes sense!
  11. Does anybody have any insight into why certain Ontario schools would request LSAT scores separately from OLSAS? Is this typically done every year? I just don't know why they wouldn't use the OLSAS report.
  12. I completely agree that we need to base our cheerleading in reality, which is why I was trying to point out the strengths of the applicant and how those are weighted differently in different programs. Not all law schools in Canada only care about your grades and LSAT scores. I would say that most do, but a few programs are focused on holistic admissions processes and are interested in recruiting more mature students. A search of a 148 on this website shows you people who were accepted to different law schools across Canada with scores in the upper 140s. Obviously, it was probably not their LSAT score which got them accepted but other aspects of their application. I can't speak to TRU's holistic application process and how heavily they will weigh work experience etc., but I think that highlighting some of these strengths in applications to schools which value work experience, GPA, etc. would be this applicants best chance with their current score.
  13. The above poster is a bit rude and callous. I would say that your experience is great, and way above the average applicant’s experience level. Additionally, the 8 years of work experience makes me think that maybe you could apply as a mature student at different universities- sometimes they have lower LSAT averages. I don’t know if TRU specifically has a mature student application, but you should look for programs that do if you aren’t worried about moving to a different province. Some schools, such as Windsor, also consider the more education you’ve obtained, so your master’s degree may help you there! I hate the LSAT and am applying to these schools with a lower score as well, but if you could stomach a retake and try to break the low 150’s in the January LSAT, I think you’d have an even better chance! Good luck friend!
  14. Hello, I just wanted to check in with fellow OLs and see if they can access their application status from their mytru page? I’ve been checking it every day for updates but can’t seem to open that page today.... thanks!
  15. I am the exact same. I check all my applications at least once a day- and search “2021” on this site daily! I’m really worried because I will have to relocate no matter where I go, and I want to start planning my future! Also, the holidays are always a time where my relatives ask about my future plans and I’d love to finally have some good news to share 😂
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