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  1. It’s great. I speak French at work (noted on cv) took bunch of uni French classes.
  2. God damn. Refused just few minutes ago. GPA 3.77, no LSAT. Strong ECs (leader of few groups, internship at human rights org), worked as court clerk for gov. Strong references. University applicant. Generic refusal letter.
  3. Woops! Sorry, I meant to say somedaylawyer
  4. Probably as long as the applicant says on the application that they've applied to other law schools, McGill will take that into consideration and might reject amazing stats applicant? IlMagnifico does say they've been already admitted to other school(s).
  5. so acceptance letter is also generic, automated?
  6. yea, I wonder if they just skipped bunch of us lol of course not.. but they forgot to update my Minerva when they asked me to upload some documents back in December so I'm thinking there could be room for error. At least, we will get email notification as well besides the Minerva update - right? We get a personal email from them, it's not automated?
  7. Someone got in to McGill this year with basically almost the same stats as you! Honestly all depends on how you presented yourself on your cv and ps and references as McGill tends to look at those heavily.
  8. You should be okay but don’t know lol welcome to the club of the unknown! Best of luck to all of us.
  9. So you’re transferring? If you’re transferring then they accept a handful of people a year. Closure to summer, I believe someone said.
  10. This was last year: Posted February 21, 2020 Accepted today: 3.53/4 GPA McGill undergrad 163 LSAT Out of Province - mature student French interview was three days before acceptance email. Best of luck!!
  11. Has anyone noticed that only few people actually posted in accepted 2021? I saw some people asking which school to go to McGill vs x on this forum, claiming they’ve been accepted to both but they never replied in accepted topic in either school. Obviously it’s their choice to share the stats or not but all I’m questioning is- did McGill accept a lot of people already and not a ton know about this forum/chose not to post the stats or did McGill accept just a bit and there’s still ton of room so we can continue hoping we get in😂. I think someone said by feb welcome day they usually have about 80 spots filled out of what.. 190? And 40 spots are dedicated to cegep.. just trying to do some sort of probability stats on when to expect to hear from them with my stats. I gotta move soon and trying to choose the neighborhood where to move to - island or off island and I would love if McGill was to tell me yay or nay so I can go all rural for cheaper mortgage, if it’s a nay 😂
  12. You’re sure it’s not 20 classes per diploma, so just two years of studies and 60 credits? Asking because I’m an immigrant and was confused by credits/classes at first, so trying to help out here as well.
  13. I don’t think it’s extra competitive this year specifically for McGill as not a lot of people actually speak and comprehend French. But I would agree with maybe a slight increase in applications, but again, it doesn’t mean they all have amazing stats and volunteering/work experience. We’ve got this!
  14. yup!! I'm with no LSAT - are you as well? I read that in general, in the past, they would accept about 100 people without LSAT. Also bunch of people (on this forum) who got admitted to McGill also got admitted elsewhere and some said they would be accepting their offers elsewhere. So here's hoping that this month and next month we will see more people with no LSAT.
  15. There had been acceptances in February too. March is primarily for Cegep but if the cegep applicants aren’t that competitive, they will accept regular/mature applicants.. if it’s end of January and you haven’t received your acceptance letter, I wouldn’t worry too much! End of Feb - maybe I would.
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