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  1. Business Organizations Second Edition - $110 Public Law - Cases, Commentary, and Analysis (3rd Ed) - Forcese - $80 Criminal Procedure - 3rd Ed - Steve Coughlan - $75 Criminal Law - 5th Ed - Kent Roach - $75 Pocket Criminal Code (2017) - FREE with purchase of any book Law books for students taking the NCA exams, studying at a paralegal community college or law school. Include your name and phone number in PM. Thanks!
  2. Microsoft Onedrive is a similar product yes? Where is the data stored, at a server owned by the law firm and not in the "cloud"?
  3. Has anyone seen this done? Comments? Not legal advice - asking if this method of cloud storage should/should not be deployed - but if anyone has seen it done.
  4. this is an interesting post which warrants discussion. If the OP can provide links to other relevant discussion posts, that would also be helpful if "it's already been discussed here".
  5. https://vancouversun.com/news/politics/5-things-to-know-about-b-c-s-new-no-fault-insurance This is a discussion post about the new ICBC changes coming into effect May 1, 2021. For those with experience in Personal Injury law in BC, please feel free to chime in. Some questions I have - (1) Do claimants continue to have the option of hiring personal injury lawyers to apply for, and dispute issues related to Accident Benefits? If so, are contingency fee arrangements allowed under the law society rules for Accident Benefits? (2) There are discussions that the move to no fault insurance affects personal injury lawyers, because it removes a significant amount of cases that can be litigated in tort. If that is the case, couldn't those lawyers mitigate those unearned fees by servicing the Accident Benefits side, which has increased benefits significantly such as the new Med-Rehab limit of $7.5 million? (3) Does ICBC engage in settlement of future unpaid benefits remaining under the policy limits? (4) If a claimant does engage a lawyer to assist with their Accident Benefits claim, how would the lawyer usually be compensated?
  6. Hello, I am selling the NCA prescribed Peter Hogg Constitutional Law 2019 Student Ed for $180. *very good condition with few highlights *for students studying Constitutional Law or writing NCA *can meet at skytrain, seller located in Burnaby price is also negotiable, please PM with your phone no.
  7. I have a rather nuanced answer for you. In theory, I believe PLTC should be expanded to 10 subject areas, with the student choosing 3 subject areas to study and that are examinable. The purpose of PLTC is to fill a training gap between law school and day-to-day practice. Expanding the number of subject areas would be helpful to students who intend to practice in those areas, while restricting the testable subjects allows PLTC to actually assist in training students for the area they will be practicing in.
  8. Hi there! I wondered if there is any interest from BC graduates enrolling in the PLTC to form a study group. We can meet periodically to discuss and review course content. Students currently enrolled in PLTC are welcome to join as well. If you are interested please PM me with your name and phone number, which session you intend to register for, and I will add you to a Whatsapp group. If this topic should be moved to another category, please do so if appropriate. Thanks!
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