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  1. It’s funny reading this thread now to realize how much my mindset has changed in the last few months. I can hardly believe I wrote that I’d defer or reapply if law school is online this year. I’ve completely changed my mind on that...there’s no way I won’t be going to law school in the fall, online or not. I think now that I’ve seen how competitive this cycle is, I don’t want to take the risk of not getting into the same schools next cycle. And I don’t have the patience to wait another year and a half (I’m on a gap year atm, finished my undergrad in June 2020). I really hope that there is some option for in person classes in 2021. I know I’ll be miserable if everything is still online then. But I also have some faith that they’ll at least try to incorporate in person elements by then, especially considering the vaccination process has already begun. And we will be over half a year into vaccinating people when school starts. I also hope that law schools will give us some sense of whether they are planning for classes to be in person or online before the offer deadlines. It would effect my decision to go to one school over another. I’m leaning more towards schools like Queens and Lakehead over Osgoode and Ottawa because I feel like they might be able to offer more in person elements. But who knows yet, really.
  2. Okay, there's a lot to unpack here. First, even if you were interested in work on Bay Street, you can get there from literally any law school in Ontario. It's a misconception to think that you need to go to Osgoode or UofT for that. Hell, there are people from Lakehead working on Bay St. Bay St also recruits from Queens, Western, and Ottawa. Ottawa is likely out for you because they are a big cGPA school. The other schools are all worth a try depending how well you do in your last year. Queens is a B2 school meaning they look at your best two years, UofT is a B3 meaning they look at your best 3 years, Western considers both cGPA and L2 meaning if your cGPA is awful they will consider your last two years, Lakehead and Windsor are both holistic, and Ryerson is a B20 school meaning they consider your best 20 credits. Ottawa and Osgoode are likely out since they are both cGPA schools. Mental illness can qualify you for access, but you will likely need to get a letter or something from your psychiatrist to verify what you say. It's difficult to say where you can get in with imaginary stats. If you want to speak hypotheticals, then yes if you get a perfect GPA in your last semester followed with a 170+ LSAT I reckon you'll get into at least a few schools, even with an awful cGPA. But I really need to emphasize that that is such a silly question because you don't have that perfect GPA in your last year followed by a 170+ LSAT. And so, so few people get a 170+ LSAT. Have you taken a diagnostic yet? For most people that is simply out of reach. Law school is not out of the question for you yet. Just do the best that you can in your following year, try to score the highest LSAT score you can (the idea that you need a 170+ is ridiculous, you could probably still get in somewhere with a 160+), and then come back here with real stats when you're ready to apply.
  3. Agreed with everyone else! Pass/fail that shit ASAP!
  4. Thanks guys! I ended up sending a thank you email. The email I was replying to was from an actual person from the admin office and personalized so I just emailed back @wakawaka @navyblue11
  5. I was just wondering whether or not people tend to email back when receiving an offer of acceptance. Im tempted to send a reply to let the admissions office know I got the email and that I’m grateful for the offer/the time they spent on my application. Trying to figure out how I might phrase that. Thoughts?
  6. I'm not in the country so I got an email instead of a call. I'm FREAKING OUT, Lakehead is one of my top 3 schools I was hoping for. General Category LSAT: 158, 156 OLSAS cGPA: 3.57 I thought my ECs and LORs were pretty good, I was close with both professors that wrote them. I didn't have a lot of experience in regards to the mandates but my degree is in English literature and I focused a lot on post-colonialism and indigenous writers in my essays/choice of classes and wrote about that. I'm also hoping to open my own practice one day in rural Ontario. So excited!!
  7. How can it be an advantage when they don't ask you for your religion in the application process? And I wouldn't assume most Jewish people would disclose it. People disclose race for access/diversity reasons but I (personally) never even thought to disclose that I am Jewish for access/diversity reasons. Maybe just because I'm not Orthodox, so most people wouldn't know I am Jewish unless I told them, so I haven't really faced much antisemitism in my life.
  8. I'm laughing at the fact that you got three responses from two people and instead of being helpful and answering your question they both chose to berate you. I Imagine your confusion might stem from the fact that most people think of law as a post-undergraduate degree when it is actually considered to be a secondary undergraduate degree in Canada, so you should be looking at the Bachelor's section on Ottawa's page. The tuition is $18,634.46 CDN for domestic students, and you can confirm that for yourself here. This is for 2020-2021 though, so there might be a slight change for 2021-2022 (they haven't updated it yet).
  9. Yeah, I'm still pretty shocked about it. I haven't scored less than a 158 since I started studying. Literally my last three tests before the October one were all a series of 163s.
  10. I got diagnosed about two weeks ago and I haven't been able to focus or work on the LSAT since then. I've been talking to other people who got diagnosed and for some of them the brain fog and fatigue have lasted months. I'm supposed to take my LSAT in January. I already took an LSAT in August and October, though my October test went terribly. Like, worst score I've gotten since I started studying over half a year ago terribly. I was so disappointed with myself but the idea that I had January to still study for was keeping me going. Now I'm wondering if I'm going to be able to do the January test. I was scoring pretty well despite doing so badly in October, I was expecting to get at least a score of 160+ in January. But what if my concentration doesn't come back? My energy? How am I supposed to study like this? It's really disheartening. Would it be worth writing an addendum about Covid effecting my ability to study for January? In all honesty, I also had some personal circumstances that I think had an effect on my performance in October (don't really want to mention it on here, it's not Covid-related but more family-related) that I would also probably mention. I've already submitted my application so I don't know if it's even possible for me to write something anymore. I don't know, any advice is appreciated.
  11. I have two (what I think are) very strong academic references. If I were to get a non-academic reference for Windsor, it would be from my manager from my last two years of a bartending job. I know my manager would only have good things to say about me (I was even on track for a promotion if I had continued working there, but I left due to COVID moving me out of the city). My concern is that if I submit three letters that some schools would choose two at random to read. I don't want schools that prefer two academic letters to end up reading my manager's letter in lieu of my other, stronger, letter. I guess I'm worried that by submitting a non-academic letter for Windsor, I'll end up also giving other schools a less strong LOR than I would otherwise. I just don't want applying to Windsor to lower my chance of getting into other schools. What do you all think? Has anyone else also had this concern? Do you think my fear is unfounded? Have any schools specifically said that they will read academic letters over non-academic letters, if both are supplied?
  12. Yeah...wouldn't that have a big influence on his stats? 3.07 in China does not equal 3.07 in Canada...right? So we can't chance OP with these stats?
  13. I'm confused, 81% would be about a 3.7 translated to a GPA scale here. To be clear, are your undergraduate grades from a non-Canadian university and, if so, have you had them processed by OLSAS yet?
  14. Yeah, those are fair points. This pandemic definitely provides a unique circumstance. It'll be interesting to look at the applications data when all is said and done.
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