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  1. I strongly disagree with this. I would much rather live with uncertainty for longer if it means we can resume being in-person for winter.
  2. There has ALWAYS been a round in April. Seems like bad wording to me.
  3. I think you’re underestimating just how busy and mentally stimulating a career in the law can be (says the 0L who hasn’t even gone to law school yet lol). I think there’s a fair share of lawyers who have side gigs though. Most of them probably relate to the law in some way (social justice, mediation, etc), but I imagine you could also have a monetized hobby like website design or knitting.
  4. I don’t think yield protection exists in Canada. It exists in the states to protect schools from dropping in the all-important rankings. In Canada we don’t have rankings.
  5. There’s no leases in Osgoode Chambers so you can leave whenever you want, minus two months notice. I imagine they’ll give us a firm answer about the format of classes in July, and you could always decline whatever option you got from Chambers if it ends up being all online at that point in time
  6. Honestly like half the condos and apartments in Toronto are bad. Always search for the address on google with “cockroaches”, “bedbugs” and more generally “reviews”. I’ve found the best places for value tend to be smaller buildings (like, building/large houses with 4-16 units). But there are some nice, bigger buildings too — they just tend to be expensive.
  7. I’ll address these point by point. Keep in mind I’m also just an applicant. 1) I think they definitely saw and considered your January LSAT. They wouldn’t say that they take January LSATs if they didn’t actually use and consider them (seriously, it would be scandalous if they didn’t). 2) No way! I’ve come to the conclusion that admissions are fricken random. For example, I was accepted to Ottawa and Osgoode but rejected from UofT and Ryerson. Being out at one school has no effect on the others and your stats are decent, I’d reckon you’re still in the running. 3) I don’t think they’re weighing experience more this round...I think it was simply more competitive. Ottawa is somewhat holistic in that they do consider personal statements and an applicants overall profile. There was probably more people with similar stats to you that had a more well rounded profile specifically for what Ottawa is looking for (doesn’t necessarily mean experience). 4) I think you do have what it takes to get in (albeit from the limited information available here) and I think if you really want to be a lawyer then you’ll reapply. I know nothing would have stopped me from reapplying. When it comes down to it — and this has been stated on this forum repeatedly — it doesn’t matter which school you go to. So personally? I’d apply more widely a second time. Who cares if you go to TRU/Lakehead/Windsor (which I think are all fantastic schools) if it means you get to be a lawyer? NOBODY will ask you what school you went to once you’ve been in practice for a few years. Anyways, I wish you the best of luck and have a good feeling for you! There’s still lots of time to be accepted this cycle. Either way, try not to be too disappointed. If it doesn’t happen now that doesn’t mean it’ll never happen (and this was a seriously weird cycle)!
  8. Rejected! Weirdly, it’s kind of a relief. I’ve been accepted elsewhere so this was the push I needed. Cgpa 3.57 B3 3.7 LSAT 159
  9. Bad Judgement and Bad Law by John Reilly. It's a good take on the issues with our criminal justice system, specifically with regards to how we treat Indigenous peoples.
  10. If it makes you feel better, I was in a similar position with my LSAT (in chronological order I scored a 158, 156, and a 159). So far I’ve gotten into 3/7 schools I’ve applied to: Lakehead, Ottawa, and Osgoode. When schools say they look at your highest score, they mean it.
  11. No, it's still too early. The provisional acceptance deadline hasn't even passed yet (and historically more offers will go out in April). Cheer up, you're not out of the running!
  12. I've been researching lots about Osgoode and York university as I try to make a decision by April. One thing that's come up in that research is the previous strikes at York and their effect on Osgoode Hall. It seems like the last strike did not have an insignificant effect. I also knew people who went to York during the last strike and remember how much it impacted their studies (though this was in undergrad). Anyways, I don't think the possibility of a strike will seriously impact the decision I make but it is something I'm considering. That being said, I started this thread primarily because I was reading this thread... ...where people mention how there won't be another strike for about six years. Well. Here we are six years later! There has been a strike in 2012, in 2015, and in 2018 -- every three years for the last nine years. But what does everyone here think? Is there anybody here currently at York university who can chime in? What do you think are the odds that there will be another strike in the next 3 years (even, this upcoming year)? Bonus question: can anyone speak to what it was like living at Osgoode Chambers while the strike was happening?
  13. Hi everyone! I’m still waiting to hear back from a couple schools (UofT and Queens) but am seriously considering going to Osgoode. After looking at the options for apartments in the surrounding area and on campus, I believe I would prefer to live on campus for the first year. The only thing is I wouldn’t want to live in Assiniboine (mostly because of all the people who say they have a cockroach problem, that’s a hard no for me) and I wouldn’t want to live in a bachelor (I have multiple reasons for this that are personal, but this is also a hard no for me). That means I’m left with hoping to get a one bedroom at Passy — which seems to be pretty competitive. So, TLDR; What are the odds I’d get a one bedroom at Passy/Osgoode Chambers if I apply right now vs a month from now (when UofT finishes their third round, gives me time to hear back from Queens too) vs 2 months from now?
  14. At the Osgoode welcome day they said that figuring out what they’re going to do for the fall semester was a high priority but they can’t say yet. But they also said that all the signs currently point to fall being online so...make of that what you will. I think that all schools will offer an online option for those who can’t come back yet anyway.
  15. Lol and I thought I had a lot of spare time. (Bump, I’m curious about this too).
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