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  1. Thank you for your response. Should I only indicate that I'm retaking in Jan through OLSAS. Or should I also explicitly ask for them to wait in my personal statements?
  2. Hello, The last time I took the LSAT was in Nov 2019 and I scored 146 (yikes). I am reapplying this year and I will take the LSAT again in Jan 2021. According to the schools I'm applying to (Queen's, Ottawa, Windsor, Western) the Jan 2021 LSAT is "guaranteed consideration." However, I am worried that some schools might see my Nov 2019 score and immediately reject me before my Jan 2021 is uploaded to OLSAS. I emailed Queen's about this and they gave me a copy-pasted response that didn't specifically target my concern of being rejected based off my Nov 2019 score. Will I be okay if I magically score a 160 on the Jan 2021 lsat, in conjunction with my high GPA? Thank you!!!
  3. Does anybody off the top of their heads know if the following schools consider graduate grades? Queen's Western Ottawa Windsor
  4. Hey guys, I got a 146 on the lsat so of course I didn't get into anywhere for Fall 2020. I am doing a one-year masters degree at the momement and will apply and rewrite the lsat for sept 2021. My question is, if get like a B average in grad school (I need B- to pass), would law schools even care. I hope that they don't care because my l2 is 3.95 and my cgpa is 3.68. Thanks
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