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  1. Thanks so much for this insight. I hear you, it is somewhere new but I guess not the most glamourous. Have you already started at Osgoode or this will be your fist year? I found out about the entrance scholarship through a recent email- about a week ago. It had a letter attached with the details.
  2. Thanks so much PMing right now.
  3. Yes, such great clinics. Thanks so much for this thoughtful response.
  4. Can I ask why you say that. Just trying to gather as much info as possible.
  5. I appreciate that feedforward. I am confident enough with my reading skills but I hear you especially in terms of the grappling part. It would be extra work, albeit work I enjoy, really getting through French content.
  6. Hi folks. I have been reading through these forums and everyone is so helpful and generous with their opinions and knowledge. I’m hoping for some last-minute insight. Not sure what kind of law I want to practice but right now I know I have an interest in social justice-ish work; perhaps criminal, refugee, family. Coming from an arts background I am also interested in IP. April 1st deadline is hours away and I cannot make a final decision although I have narrowed it down to two: Osgoode: My alma mater which has me feeling comforted by the familiarity but also wanting to go somewhere new Closer to home 1.5 hours I like Toronto and the potential commute doesn’t bother me (did it from DT for 4 years without the new subway extension). I also would not mind living close to York to cut costs. I have been offered a $10 000 renewable scholarship; I am hoping to further offset tuition with bursaries The school seems to have a lot of resources; I am intrigued by their experiential learning and mooting opportunities, broad offering of courses Ottawa Interested to live in a new city. Although I have lived abroad so I have had that experience. Farther from home 5.5 hours Interested in taking a few courses in French; I am proficient in French through French Immersion and undergrad courses. I feel this could give me an edge in the job market and is my main draw to Ottawa though I am not sure if taking a few courses will make me competitive or bilingual enough for bilingual positions. Hefty tuition- not as hefty as Oz but I have not been offered a scholarship at this point although I do hope to receive some bursary Would really appreciate your thoughts and feedforward
  7. Oo hard decision! I think you have gotten some great advice. If cost of law school is a factor to you, go for that scholarship at Dalhousie. It will be so beautiful out East. Their program looks awesome, the marine law and social justice type programs look great. I am making a similar decision between Ottawa and Osgoode. Osgoode seems have great facilities and a wide range of experiential learning opportunities. York is my Alma mater but a part of me wants to try somewhere new making Ottawa more intriguing plus it would give me a chance to take some courses in French. Ottawa is farther from home and a larger class size. Osgoode boasted they give out 3.5 million annually which will lower the sticker price which $7000 more per year than Ottawa. Great post and great responses. Thanks everyone and best wishes.
  8. Accepted today!!! Notified by email that decision was made and then checked UOzone. cGPA: 3.4 LSAT: 161 (Nov first write) ECs: Yah! Best of luck to all. Tough decisions to be made.
  9. Accepted today!!! Notified by email that decision was made and then checked UOzone. cGPA: 3.4 LSAT: 161 (Nov first write) ECs: Yah! Best of luck to all. Tough decisions to be made.
  10. That is okay. It is still early in the cycle.
  11. Thank you! Have you heard back as yet?
  12. Accepted February 2 to single cGPA: 3.4 LSAT: 161- Nov first write ECs: yep Also have a MA
  13. Accepted Yay! Via RAMSS. Haven't received any email comms. Acceptance dated February 2 although I somehow just noticed today 🙃 cGPA: 3.4 LSAT: 161 (Nov- first write) ECs: varied and unique I also have an MA. Now the tough decision making begins 😭
  14. No I haven't received any scholarships...and I am waiting. Cuz Osgoode be pricey lol
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