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  1. My bad on that. I didn’t even consider TRU if I’m honest because of how far it is from the lower mainland. In my panic I totally forgot about it in this post.
  2. yeah, both options would be good to consider as well. Preferably I would like to stay as close to home as I have a sick relative I'm helping take care of. But as I said, it is what it is and if I have to go somewhere further away then I suppose I'll have to go. COVID wiped out virtually everything and so I have to look for work once again. CERB helped but I'm having issues transitioning back to the workforce / getting the CRB. I feel like Rodion Raskolnikov sans all the crime and punishment lol.
  3. Thanks Firecracker, I'm really confident in my statement for UBC so I'll still try and apply for it. Thanks again for putting my mind somewhat at ease.
  4. not too bad, at least relative to when I first began taking it up as a hobby. I can get around pretty easily. I can't write a full on essay just yet but I can at least watch Amélie without the subtitles lol.
  5. yeah, the 4.0 scale is fine. My school used the 4.0 scale and I graduated with a 3.86 on that scale. I do have a decent level of french comprehension and I've been studying it as a hobby.
  6. As I said, I'd rather not talk about it. Please respect that. I budgeted to apply to 2 law schools. That's all the money I have left. I'd like to stay local, but if that's not the case then it is what it is.
  7. sounds good. At this point, I am also considering other schools out of province. Checking online it seems like I'd have a decent shot at schools in Ontario, Alberta and Quebec. Even for Mcgill my GPA makes me somewhat competitive.
  8. Yeah, my finances are in pretty brutal shape. I'd like to not go into it.
  9. So my worst case scenario has unfortunately come to pass, and I’ve been blessed with a 157 from LSAC. My original plan was to score at least a 160 and apply to Uvic or UBC but I’m now questioning that decision. I have a pretty polished Personal Statement, and a solid GPA (3.86/4 or ~90% according to U.B.C’s grade conversion table). Although I’m Canadian, I studied in the U.S. I have good EC’s and if I need so, I do have references to call upon. I now find myself wondering whether I should rush and apply to a few other schools seeing as my chances at UVic and UBC have taken a dip. I honestly feel pretty defeated, but I can’t really let a bad score stop me. any thoughts?
  10. ah darn 😕 . shoot me a DM when you're able to get it sorted and I'll add you into the group.
  11. ah okay. I just checked on the Whatsapp website and there does seem to be an app for Windows.
  12. great to hear! I'll begin to get everything organized. I'd prefer to make a whatsapp group to start off but of course some people might be uncomfortable with that. What works for you?
  13. awesome! I can set up a whatsapp group and go from there. If you're not comfortable with that, which messaging app works for you?
  14. The median salary of a Canadian Lawyer is ~103,000 CAD, which is less than half what you made at your lowest range. I think the biggest question you should ask yourself is whether you'll be happier as a Lawyer.
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