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  1. I can 100% tell you right now that simply because U of T demands the highest grades and scores, it doesn't guarantee that you'll be surrounded by the best and brightest. So I really advise you not to be persuaded by a consideration like that. Instead focus on career outcomes, costs, student satisfaction and future prospects.
  2. Don't feel bad, we were all given a bad hand this application cycle. Retake January. Plus at the end of the day, what matters is that we all achieve our goals, no matter how many tries it takes. Don't let your dreams be dreams.
  3. are you sure though? The spikes in Canadian applications coincides with Canadian (particularly ontario) deadlines.
  4. UBC for the simple fact that moving across the country (or province for that matter) is ridiculously expensive and not worth it in my opinion.
  5. It's good to be skeptical, and yes the visuals do look similar to prior years. But the data could also be interpreted in many ways. For example, there is a possibility that almost all of the high-index candidates had stellar personal statements. Alternatively, since the new system has only a year under its belt, it could be implemented differently now. it'll take time to see how it changes things. Personally I like the shake up. A numbers based application system can be gamed with the proper resources and approach. I feel like the statement helps to add a layer that's more difficult to game. That being said, I do think that the PS component will be more critical for those students who don't meet the auto-admit threshold. If two applicants have a 91 Index, but only one has a compelling statement that alone may be enough to tip the scales in that persons favour.
  6. Well Allard Law has transitioned to a new model where your personal statement, GPA and LSAT are all now 33%. It may be a long shot, but with a stellar statement you still have a shot (although it may be a long one). In an older thread someone got in with a 150 something LSAT.
  7. same position too. Since I'm a splitter I'd like to think that admin are simply fighting over whether to even review my file or not.
  8. Hey GM, thanks for doing this thread. My first question is about making friends and the like. Have you found it to be difficult to make meaningful connections with fellow students? I suppose it would be a little bit more difficult for you since as you said you're a centrist in a center-left school, and you're older than many of your peers. I really hope your peers don't see you as the next Donaldino Pumperino. My second question is about the value of UVic. Do you believe that you will be able to find work immediately after school? Finally, since everything is online, is there an issue with cheating at the moment?
  9. I feel like with a 178 & a 3.92 you have the knowledge and capacity to know (or at least approximate) your chances at most law schools.
  10. My bad on that. I didn’t even consider TRU if I’m honest because of how far it is from the lower mainland. In my panic I totally forgot about it in this post.
  11. yeah, both options would be good to consider as well. Preferably I would like to stay as close to home as I have a sick relative I'm helping take care of. But as I said, it is what it is and if I have to go somewhere further away then I suppose I'll have to go. COVID wiped out virtually everything and so I have to look for work once again. CERB helped but I'm having issues transitioning back to the workforce / getting the CRB. I feel like Rodion Raskolnikov sans all the crime and punishment lol.
  12. Thanks Firecracker, I'm really confident in my statement for UBC so I'll still try and apply for it. Thanks again for putting my mind somewhat at ease.
  13. not too bad, at least relative to when I first began taking it up as a hobby. I can get around pretty easily. I can't write a full on essay just yet but I can at least watch Amélie without the subtitles lol.
  14. yeah, the 4.0 scale is fine. My school used the 4.0 scale and I graduated with a 3.86 on that scale. I do have a decent level of french comprehension and I've been studying it as a hobby.
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