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  1. Thank you for the kind words and advice! This has eased my mind a bit looking forward to my application!
  2. Thank you for the feedback! I have heard that LG is the easiest to improve on so I’m happy to hear that. In terms of my 150, is that a decent score for a first test?
  3. Hi everyone, I recently took my first diagnostic test and scored a 150. I had a bit of knowledge surrounding the test but very little practice and studying for it. I score very well on the LR sections (18 right on both) but seem to be loosing marks on my LG and RC sections. I got 12 right on both sections and ran out of time on RC and had to guess on a passage. I am hoping to get a 160 on test day in January and was wondering if it is possible to raise my score 10 points. I currently have a 78% average across 3 years of uni (3.3 cGPA i think) with a best 2 of around an 81% (3.7 I believe). I was wondering my chances of getting in to ANY law school in Canada and if I am headed in the right direction. Any feedback helps thanks
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