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  1. hands down some if the coolest EC's i have seen on this forum did u apply mature by any chance?
  2. congrats! Access or general?
  3. just want to jump in to confirm Dal counts graduate degree grades
  4. @pyrrah thank you! This is all terrific info My main thing is that if I move across the country I want to do so specifically to settle in Vancouver and it seems like any BC school will give me similar chances. Also really cool that TRU has a mandatory international component! While opportunities to practice international law are extremely rare I appreciate the emphasis from the school to promote it as it's always been of interest to me academically as well as professionally.
  5. hi not sure if this has been answered before but how do TRU students do in Vancouver OCIs? From ontario but considering going to BC to start my legal career in Vancouver.
  6. @sherbrooke688 anytime! I'm happy to help Best of luck as you prepare for application season!
  7. I would say so! It all depends on how you frame it in yours personal statement. For example, did you learn it as a hobby over the summer? That shows your constant curiosity and desire to learn. Did you enter a new environment and need to start learning the local language ASAP? Then that shows your resilience and that you embrace challenges and tackle them head on with success. If any school(s) you're applying to give(s) instructions for your personal statement then absolutely follow them, but if you have some flexibility, I've read it's about telling them your story and weaving together all your experiences/achievements/accomplishments into a narrative that adds dimension to you stats. In addition, I should mention that the application will have a separate section where you list your languages, but who knows if they just gloss over it or single it out. If it's important to you that they know this I suggest including in your PS.
  8. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all the support and hearing how much everyone else has had on their plates while studying for the LSAT gives me hope @FirstGear thanks for sharing and for your great advice, sometimes we just gotta make the most of what we have. Totally agree with you about 7sage I love that site! I use Khan Academy because the site forces me to be more disciplined about timing as opposed to setting timers on my phone which I may choose to ignore etc. @gg092 thank you so much for laying out your strategy so clearly! It really helps! Like you, I found practice to be really helpful for me - nothing beats 40 minutes of drilling questions to train yourself to think like a lawyer. It's been a couple weeks since my last quality study session with finals and all, but I've taken some time off over the holidays so back to the routine! Once again thank you everyone!
  9. hi there! 0L here. Haven not gone through the admissions process yet but I took a peak at OLSAS to see what we would have to submit. When applying on OLSAS, there will be a section for you to write out your soft/ECs and you'll have to enter info like a verifier and also the number of hours per week etc. In general, I think that softs are great for showing what others bring to the table outside of academics - like your experience in Russia!! - but also serve to show how you can manage time. 1L requires taking 7 courses at once and undergrads usually take 4-5, so the fact alone that you maintained a high GPA while working 25-35 hrs a week will show that you can perform well while having a lot on your plate! In your personal statement you can also elaborate on why you didn't participate in many clubs if you feel comfortable, or even fill out an access claim if that applies to you. hope this helps!
  10. hi guys! sorry i didn't see all these posts thag got added I really appreciate all the advice though! Will definitely try doing my PTs a little different probably gonna download the LSAT demon thanks again everyone we got this!!
  11. have u applied to non-ontario schools? some like Dal and Alberta will count ur MA grades.
  12. honestly I (as an 0L btw) think you have a 100% chance at all of them except U of T which maybe 80-90% and Windsor is unpredictable since they are truly holistic. You probably know this but Windsor has like 7 criteria that they seem to favour equally and your LSAT score and your GPA are only two of the seven.
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