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  1. I submitted my application around October and since then I had the same thing with pending review and everything was listed as initiated. Literally yesterday I sent them an email because I noticed the dates on the initiated tasks was in 2021 and it listed a date that had yet to arrive. Today when I logged on my status changed to application completed and all the tasks from my to-do-list disappeared. I would recommend checking the dates on the initiated tasks and acting accordingly. Mine could just be a coincidence that it got completed the day after I emailed but that's unlikely. Good Luck!
  2. Probably not I got totally burned out from the last two times because I started studying over a year before I was applying to Law school.
  3. CGPA: 3.87 B2: 3.92 L3: 3.87 LSAT: 154(July) 156(October) I know my LSAT weakens my applications significantly, but I am wondering whether my GPA would be enough to offset it leading to an offer maybe in the new year. Personal statement and EC are obviously subjective so I did not include them here. Everything is converted via OLSAS. Thanks!
  4. Hi all! I am retaking the LSAT this October after having taken it already in July. I need some sort of reassurance going into this LSAT. Last LSAT I scored a 154 whereas my practice tests were low to mid 160s. I panicked like I have never done before during my LSAT. I need to know what my chances are if for whatever reason I wasn't able to improve my LSAT score in this coming test. Credentials: cGPA: 3.87 L2: 3.87 B3: 3.89 LSAT: 154 Volunteer experience: -Teaching Assistant twice -Undergraduate Research Fellowship - CEOx1Day Program Semi Finalist - Created my own university club aiming to raise awareness about mental health issues and have a positive impact on the university. - Director of Internal Affairs for Science Council - Promotional Crew for the Student Union I specifically want to get into Osgoode so anything would be helpful honestly. Thanks!
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