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  1. In queue Jan 14/21. LSAT: 153, 158 (July) cGPA: 3.95
  2. The site is called 'RAMSS' : https://my.ryerson.ca/uPortal/f/u21l1s1000/normal/render.uP . The email that you got earlier contains your login information to create / access your account. Hope that helps!
  3. Thank you! My personal statement focused on 2 of the mandate areas: Aboriginal and Indigenous Law and the IPC. I also discussed my connections working in Northern Ontario and research I've participated in on Indigenous legal issues. I also hope to focus my work as a lawyer on advocating for Indigenous Peoples, which I also mentioned in my personal statement. LORs were from 2 professors and 1 non-academic from a volunteer supervisor.
  4. Beyond happy to say that I got the phone call at 9:50 this morning! cGPA 3.94 as per OLSAS, L2/B2 3.9, LSAT 153, 158. Best of luck to all those waiting!
  5. Congratulations! May I ask where you got accepted?
  6. I got an email from Windsor and an email from Ryerson. Also, Lakehead doesn't use a specific email or portal, just for anyone wondering!
  7. Hey everyone, I hate to contribute to all of these posts, but as the application due date gets closer, I find myself getting more nervous. I'm applying to Western, Windsor, Ryerson, Lakehead, and Osgoode. My cGPA is a 3.94, L2 / B2 is the same, not including my fourth year as I'm in the midst of that now. My first LSAT was a 153, and I managed to bring it up to a 158 in July (not amazing but for mental health reasons decided not to take it again). Good (I hope!) personal statements tailored to each school, 3 LORs from professors who know me, and decent sketch including 2 years of university-related volunteering in different areas, an award, and diverse work experience. I would appreciate any honest insight anyone could provide. Thank you!
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