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  1. Btw — they didn't say if I was admitted or not, just that there would be an "update" later today through email.
  2. Got a call from U of T law school early this afternoon but missed it since I was at a dental appointment :/ Should I call back (I saw some people in the admitted thread do this after missing their call)? Do I need to call back? The person who left a voicemail just said to wait for an email later today.
  3. Thanks guys! Think I'll definitely have to take time to brainstorm but these tips are helpful for getting started. Best of luck on your cycles too!!
  4. Has anyone started on their UBC law school personal statement yet? I'm stumped for the second prompt: I don't think I've ever faced or witnessed any big injustices in life...
  5. In the "School Submissions" section of the OLSAS application for the University of Toronto Law School, it asks: I did previous apply to U of T's undergrad, but did not end up attending. I don't have a student number, only an applicant number. Should I enter my applicant number or do I leave the student number question blank? I feel like I'm overthinking this...
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