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  1. Do you consider my grades above average? I really have no way to tell as many people do not share their grades & these midterm grades are *unscaled*.
  2. Right, I have looked up the requirements and I was just wondering if my grades good enough to get in for transfer. Keeping in mind that by the time transfer decisions are made, schools will have my final grades as well. With respect to the recruit, the 1L summer recruit deadline is Feb 5. I love BC and it's been great here but I've got some family issues that I need to attend to.
  3. I am a BC student looking to transfer to an Ontario school and to participate in the 1L Toronto Summer Recruit. My 1L midterm grades are: A+, B+, B, B, B- and C+. The C+ is a 69% if that matters. Any thoughts on my chances for transferring and/or the recruit?
  4. They'll wait if you indicated on your app that you're re-writing in Jan.
  5. i saw another post that said they said on the phone it would be the acceptance email coming through in the evening, congrats friend!
  6. I felt the same way about that user when I was applying hahah but I thought she/he knew their stuff.
  7. Thank you for the laughs Gen Z. You all are truly something else.
  8. In unless you put some incriminating stuff on your PS LOL If you call Leanne Walker, she'll actually tell you when you can expect your response.
  9. Everything is closed where I am at so I'll be home like I have been for the rest of the year Hoping to have a warm and cozy break with some productive cleaning/ re-vamping for a more comfortable work environment for the next semester.
  10. mine are 80+ ..... included case summaries, class notes, reading notes
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