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  1. Hi all! A massive thank you for all the wonderful advice! I appreciated everyone's perspective, and was pleased to see some debating about the pros and cons of different parts of the city. To answer the questions asked in earlier posts: I was living in Montreal for a number of years, but am originally from the West and definitely have been through some harsh winters, so I know what I am getting into 😅. In terms of budget, I am expecting to pay anywhere between 1500 and 2000 a month for a small sized house with a backyard, but am happy to pay more or less than this if it's the right place. As for location, what is really important to me is proximity to downtown. I will be needing to go there on a regular basis for work. As mentioned above, I will be avoiding public transportation for the time being for pandemic reasons, and as such am looking for something that offers an easy commute. Any other tips are greatly appreciated, and thanks to @GrumpyMountie @Ptolemy @RGoodfellow @MountainMon @Malicious Prosecutor @artsydork @flyingfish @SimmmiSS @lawmomma @ajd123 @Kingifer @Fuzzykittenz and anyone i missed for all the great advice!!! 😊
  2. Hello All, I will be moving to Edmonton in the near future, and as someone who has ZERO experience or connections in the city, I thought I might ask for some advice here. I am mainly looking for some advice about different neighborhoods in the city. In particular, I am looking for an area that is safe and has access to green spaces for walking my dog. Proximity to downtown is a bonus but not essential, and I want to rent a small house that has a yard (again for my dog), so no apartments. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Also would be happy to hear any other hot tips about the city! 😃
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