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  1. For me personally it would be the deciding factor. At this point I think it would be absurd for schools not to offer the majority of classes in-person in the fall, barring some catastrophic vaccine shortage.
  2. True, but we can guess based on how schools reacted for the current academic year.
  3. I got an email but it did not specifically say to check the portal. It was just a generic "make sure you have done everything properly" email. Annoying....
  4. B2 is irrelevant for Western, it is an L2 school.
  5. I’m pretty sure you just convert all your grades to a 4.33 scale and subtract the four worst classes (only if you’ve completed your degree) - I’ve just been too lazy to.
  6. Checking in as on of the "decision pending" folks with borderline stats - haven't calculated my GPA for uVic but it's probably a 3.7x and my LSAT is 162.
  7. No. Do whatever you enjoy and will get the highest grades in.
  8. Congrats to those of you that got in today. Quick question for those of you who saying "accepted via Student Center" - do you mean that you just opened Western's Student Center Portal and under "Status" it had changed to "Accepted" from "Applied"?
  9. I don't even get where the UofT > UBC notion comes from. When I was running my GPA calculations for various schools I would have, stats-wise, stood a better chance at getting into UofT than UBC had I applied to either.
  10. I cant believe people are even allowed to do this - sure would’ve helped my GPA calculations a lot. That said, I definitely would for a C+ but definitely not for a B+.
  11. Because OP has not stated they have any desire to go to law school and you seem to be pushing them in that direction, in my opinion, unnecessarily.
  12. Your ECs are “competitive” in that they aren’t terrible, nor are they “awesome” and thus they will probably have marginal bearing on the success of your application (outside of the really holistic schools, maybe). That’s not to say they don’t matter - there are old posts on here which go into detail on what adcoms look at from people who actually sit (or sat) on them. Your ECs, personal statement(s), sketch, etc. are all read by adcoms and can play a significant role.... it’s just that unless these are truly significant (ie elite athlete, published/recognized academic, politician) they aren’t likely to make up for poor stats (and a 151 is very low). It’s already been described why people are agitated by the posts that overvalue certain ECs but let me also add that it comes across as kind of insulting when someone believes that their mediocre ECs should allow them to overcome poor performance on the standardized test that we all had to grind out, sometimes over the course of months/years. In saying that, you have a great GPA but even for Windsor you’ll probably need to improve that LSAT.
  13. These are things that way fewer people give a shit about than you think. Edit: didn't even see the title said "amazing ECs" lol.
  14. Yeah, I'd dedicate a year or two to focusing on the LSAT and improving your grades if you're serious about law school. Unless, that is, you achieve a really high LSAT within a short amount of time.
  15. I prefer Edmonton to Montreal as well, actually. Though I prefer Montreal to Calgary for sure.
  16. It's worth noting that this post is in the Paralegal subforum specifically, guys.
  17. Been wondering about OP’s question too and now this all makes a lot more sense!
  18. Come on man, your LSAT is way above median and your B2 is bang on.
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