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  1. I’m in at Western and Queen’s with a ~3.7 L2 and 162. Don’t think you have anything to worry about.
  2. Unless you’re extremely debt averse I cannot fathom why anyone would even consider online law school.
  3. Echoing this. I have/had 0 extracurriculars, worked construction in the summers, and got into pretty much every school I applied to with average stats.
  4. There would be actually. It’s a country with 1.3 billion people.
  5. It is when you consider that all the evidence points to everyone being effectively immune to covid’s effects by mid-summer. if anyone considers what I’ve said here as “berating” I’d suggest they get some thicker skin. That’s a very shakey argument.
  6. The prevalence of the disease in those countries does not change the fact that it does nothing to the vast majority of people it infects.
  7. I don’t think any school is relying on every student having 2 shots come september. And as I stated above, one vaccine dose is sufficient to prevent serious illness or death, which is the goal, and is what all Canadians are slated to have received prior to September. Dumb misrepresentation, albeit not a surprising one. The fact of the matter is that one dose likely prevents transmission to a high degree while also protecting individuals almost entirely from an illness which already does practically nothing to the vast majority of people who get it. So yeah, you freaking out over one dose versus two doses and acting like schools are nuts for returning to in-person sounds like fear mongering to me.
  8. So don’t attend in-person? IIRC every law school has said online options will be available this year. The post-vaccination fear mongering on display here is very strange. The fact is that Covid barely does anything to the vast majority of people it infects (particularly young people), and a single vaccination prevents serious illness and death from the disease entirely. You do realize we eventually have to return to normal, right?
  9. Here’s what Queen’s told me when I inquired: ”In order to calculate the two best years GPA, we need to have weighted courses in fall and winter terms. We will take your final year into consideration because we look for upward trends in a transcript. However, we need two academic years (fall&winter) with weight courses to create the calculation... By weighted courses, I mean courses that received a grade, not CR/NCR. Unfortunately, we can not create GPA calculations for courses that do not have grades”
  10. No, it will not because they need at least 8 graded courses in fall/winter sem in order for it to count as a one of your B2 years.
  11. I purposely didn’t quote your comment regarding the medical profession.
  12. You don’t need to go to school for 7 years to break into these professions though.
  13. Every school says they specialize in everything
  14. Yeah, North America in 2021, what an awful place to be. Get some perspective for fuck’s sake. You remind me of the guys that work in construction and think safety should be treated as an afterthought. Have you ever considered why you have the ability to express yourself so freely whereas elsewhere you wouldn’t?
  15. Beyond this misrepresentation of other forum members’ postings on the subject, you’re also comparing a job (that is, of lawyer) to a field of academic study (theoretical physics). Obviously this isn’t a fair comparison and I think most laymen would be equally stupefied by the dense stuff that comes out of legal academia as they would the stuff that comes out of physics academia.
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