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  1. I applied every year in undergrad for FSWEP and various programs/job openings with provincial, federal and municipal governments. The most that ever came of any of these attempts was that I passed up the opportunity to interview at what was at the time INAC for a summer “program assistant” position. Not really sure if it had to do with my resume or cover letter or ECs but I just wasn’t good enough for anything apparently.
  2. Accepted. cGPA: ~3.5 per OLSAS LSAT: 162 Prooooobably declining but thankful to get the offer nonetheless.
  3. I am very skeptical of this based on my experience.
  4. 0 point in emailing schools to express your enthusiasm/interest. I think you should get into a few of the schools you listed by the end of this cycle.
  5. I think you should get into a couple places (especially non-OLSAS schools).
  6. Accepted today. cGPA: ~3.5 (OLSAS - actual cGPA is a bit higher) L2: ~3.7 LSAT: 162
  7. Fair enough. Although, taking together: 1) Osgoode’s lefty reputation; 2) The aforementioned frequency of self-reported part b applicant acceptances; and 3) my decision not to fill out part b I’m left quite concerned that I may have messed up (even if my stats are below medians, which they are!). Oh well, nothing to do about it now. Was just wondering if anyone had similar thoughts as I’ve just generally been quite surprised that it seems like everyone has the part b edge to their application, whereas I do not.
  8. Was I stupid to not fill it out? I was under the impression that this optional essay was similar to others in that it is generally reserved for applicants to whom the listed factors significantly apply. I say this because the amount of people in the Oz accepted thread that report having filled out part B far outweighs any of the other self-reported access/mature acceptances reported in other schools’ accepted threads. Like, should I have expanded on the fact that my performance gradually improved and my random work experience/ECs or do y’all really just have that much more going on than me? I mentioned these things in my PS but didn’t feel the need to go further into detail and now feel as though this may have hurt me, even though my stats aren’t particularly competitive.
  9. That strikes me as strange - you’re sure of your B2 calculation?
  10. 3.4 L2/B2 and a 165 gives you a decent shot at L2/B2 schools though, if I were you, i would have cast my net a little wider and applied to Queen’s, Dal, and schools out West. I’m pretty sure you can still apply for Dal actually.
  11. Man, even if you’re folks make good coin $40k in tuition alone is insane.
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