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  1. Feeling shitty with my stats. I should have signed up for January. I took the LSAT 2x and got a 162 on both... I applied to Western Queens and Ottawa
  2. Western, went there for undergrad I'm a creature of habit. Not too sure I will get in based on low gpa.
  3. Hmm interesting that Queens doesn't count it. Thanks! I did not know this info.
  4. Thanks for this input. I want to gauge my expectations so I am not crushed. Definitely going to start thinking about a plan B for 2021 if I do not get in anywhere this year.
  5. Yes, was on anti depressants during this time. I honestly do think that much of my improvement can be attributed to switching majors into something I am much more interested in and was passionate about vs my original major that I ended up hating.
  6. I calculated it on lawapplicants.ca... however, I put summer courses in and I am unsure if those count. Based on the OLSAS chart they have on their site though, I think my L2 is actually around a 3.7 because I think I have an 84% average in those years (Western) but lawapplicants.ca said 3.61. I struggled with depression for 2 of the years but I don't have anything to prove that and I also switched programs in my third year which is when my grades started improving.
  7. No, my transcript has yet to be sent to OLSAS so those were self calculated. Is the OLSAS scale much different? Personal statement is another point of issue for me as I don't have much that stands out I feel like. Again, my EC;s are all psychology oriented because I really was set on doing my masters in psychology. Is a PS about how I went from wanting to pursue psych to law overdone and boring? I'm not sure what angle to go about it
  8. I have a low cGPA (3.35) and mediocre L3/L2 (around 3.65). LSAT 165. I am rewriting in November, hoping for 167+ as my PT average is around 168-170 now. Extra curriculars are all centred around psychology as that was what I thought I wanted to pursue, but I don't. Really want to go to UWO.
  9. Hi there! I am applying to law schools. I have a low cGPA (3.35) and mediocre L3/L2 (around 3.65). LSAT 165. I am rewriting in November, hoping for 167+ I am applying to Western and Queens. I went to Western for undergrad and loved the campus so that would be my first choice. I feel like because my stats are so mediocre, I need to write a great personal statement but I don't think anything sets me apart. I thought I wanted to be a psychologist so all of my extra curriculars revolved around psych (research labs etc). I don't have anything interesting to write about. Help?
  10. Not sure if this is a silly q, I hope not. Filling in my verifiers. Does my undergrad thesis research project count as a research verifier if it wasn't published in an academic journal but rather just on the department and university wide databases and libraries
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