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  1. Mine says ‘action required’, “decision made” with the option to download the letter right beside the decision made tab as well as the option to ‘respond now’ which clicks into the options to accept or reject the offer! The name of the downloadable letter is “Law_OfferUnconditional”
  2. That really helps, thank you so much for the detailed response, I really appreciate it
  3. Hey, thank youuu !! So my L2 is about 3.65 as mentioned it sometimes calculates as 3.63 to 3.67 since it has a couple summer courses and idk if they count those or the courses from a year prior to that I actually did not have any sask connection, just 2 of my friends go to USask medical school but I didn’t mention that in the application because I really didn’t think that was a connection in anyway. my personal statement was basically about why I wanted to go into law - which specific areas of law I would like to focus on if I got the opportunity to study law, which specific projects I have previously worked on and which ones I would be able to work better on if I obtain a law degree from Saskatchewan as there is only so much you can do as a volunteer but a lot more you can do as a lawyer in many human rights projects, and at last I talked about why my grades were so low in first year of university and how I improved them and was able to keep them stable and will be able to continue that in law school as well I honestly don’t know if I’ll be accepting yet or not as I am waiting from multiple waitlists, also I got into TRU about a month and half ago and I am leaning a bit towards that school as well!!
  4. Okay that makes me very happy actually lol !! Hopefully more students are also coming from far away in both the schools
  5. That really helps !! Thank you so much. I frankly like both the type of activities u mentioned lol, but I completely see your point. Considering that I don’t have any family or really even any friends who live in Saskatoon where I’d be living it might be a bit too lonely for me then.
  6. as mentioned, I do not have any problem with the extra $15,000!! I'm not taking a loan out for law school anyways so debt won't be an issue. but also, i don’t think my mental health will be automatically negatively affected by living in Sask or something lol that’s why I wanted everyone’s opinion on the type of schools they both are!!
  7. I agree with the point of $15,000 being 1000% justified for having better mental health!! I am someone who has had their grades affected due to their mental health in the past so I do believe that is a significant consideration.
  8. I agree, that's why as mentioned I just wanted to know that if anyone thinks there are any career advantages of picking one over the other, regardless of the weather or cost of either. But since you mentioned you have lived in Sask and places even colder, do you think at the time it affected your mental health negatively ? If you don't mind sharing Thank you
  9. As mentioned previously $15,000 over the course of 3 years is personally not a concern. So when I said corporate law I don't mean Bay Street, but yes any BigLaw firm for that matter which has the option of working in various corporate law fields. The only reason the cold is a bit of a concern to me besides the inconvenience for the 3 years is that if I have to settle down in Sask due to going to school there, the cold would have to become a part of my life for a very long time.
  10. I wasn't replying to myself my username is legallybrunette123 the user I replied to and the one who responded to your comment their username is legallybrunette3 !!
  11. I am honestly open to working wherever I get the best opportunities, I have a great degree and Experience in business and I wanna work in corporate law if I’m able to !! My entire decision is just based on which law school would give me the opportunity to work in that field
  12. That’s what I was thinking as I have 2 friends in Sask medical school I know the experience isn’t anything like law school but they both often complain about the weather !! That’s the only concern I had for USask !! I don’t mind paying $5-$10k extra per year. It’s gonna be the last degree I do probably so I want an overall good experience !!
  13. Accepted yesterday !! cGpa: 3.0 L2: 3.65ish LSAT: 161 regular applicant!! This just goes to show if you are someone like myself with a really low cGpa please don’t lose hope, you’ll definitely get into some law schools ❤️
  14. Thank you so much for letting me know!! I’m definitely leaning towards TRU now especially with the better quality of life you mentioned
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