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  1. Link to the conversion chart Hey, I was looking at the grade conversion for UofC law, they say that you should count 20 half courses back to check your gpa requirements but on their 4.0 scale (that their gpa is converted from apparently) both A+ and A were the same grades. Does anyone know if they actually consider A+ and A the same because I’ve never heard of a uni do that before. Thank you
  2. oh I apologize, it opened from the previous link which I assumed was for canada, so I thought this one from it would be for canada as well. Lowkey scared the shit outa me with their 57% increase in applications part lol
  3. https://report.lsac.org/VolumeSummaryOriginalFormat.aspx it now shows applicants up by 36%
  4. That’s what I noticed too and I thought maybe I was doing something wrong lol since the other calculators such as Wes show a bigger difference lol
  5. Hey, do you know how people are calculating gpa % from a 4.3 scale ?
  6. My L2 is 3.68ish out of 4.3, and LSAT 161. I calculated the index for Schulich and it was about 78.7% know my stats are very low. I will be explaining the reason for the Low gpa in my application and I have proof of disability which was the reason behind it, but Schulich is my dream law school, I just wanna know what my chances of getting in here would be. I'm an Ontario resident btw. Any insight is appreciated. Thank you! Hope you have a great day
  7. hopefully the increase in Ontario school applications doesn't mean an increase all over the country
  8. Yup I only know about Western and Osgoode going higher this year. I really don’t know if schools outside Ontario are getting a similar increase in applications as well !!
  9. I don’t know about Robson Hall’s applications but I know for Osgoode and Western the numbers are significantly higher bcz they emailed it to their applicants
  10. If you check your lsat score percentile for many people in the early to mid 160s range it has by about 2%, and since many schools accept based on percentile and not score this could affect the chances as well.
  11. I really don’t know what the exact cause of increase in applications is compared to last year, but I read at several law school threads saying it’s the lsat flex because people are scoring higher in it compared to regular lsat, also since it’s online school this year some people are getting higher grades therefore applying to more grad schools and stuff
  12. Some Ontario law schools emailed the people who applied there, saying how many applications they received this year, and you can check how many the received last year and in those school there is an increase by about 800 people in applications
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