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  1. In!!! So happy cGPA: 3.55 LSAT: 167 (Nov) Big upward trend in GPA, but ECs/recs/PS were either average or below I think. Filled out Part B, general category. In queue Dec 15, accepted yesterday according to OASIS but got the email this morning. Best of luck to everyone waiting!
  2. It might come off as griping or even a little entitled, but I'm not sure if OP should be scorned. For those who look like good candidates on paper but aren't getting in, it can be anxiety-inducing to see so many others get accepted (at any school) with scores that are lower or sub-average. It's easy to spiral down the "did I do something wrong?" path. I know I've been ruminating plenty myself. If people can make posts saying "I didn't expect to get in with a 163 but I did and I'm so grateful!", then posts like "I haven't gotten in with a 173 and I'm feeling unsure, anybody else?" aren't unreasonable imo. One is inspirational and the other is decidedly not, but both are just reporting on how their experiences were seemingly against the odds, stats-wise at least.
  3. That is a good point - my PT average was 171 on the dot. I'm signed up, but the possibility for me to do more harm than good still exists lol
  4. Huh.. from some other posts, it had kinda seemed like everyone who wrote the Nov LSAT had a delay in their score being sent out like I did, but maybe not? I have no idea what's going on tbh and I'm just gonna leave it in the hands of fate at this point
  5. Given that Ottawa didn't receive my LSAT score until Dec 14 and Osgoode until Dec 15, I'm assuming that my application was delayed for the other schools similarly. I have no idea if Nov scores are typically released this late or if there was a delay due to the pandemic. Either way, thank you for the reassurances. Getting accepted at just one school first round would have been a huge weight off my shoulders but not much to do now except wait and try not to worry.
  6. Has anyone been accepted to any Ontario school with just a Nov 2020 LSAT score on file? I'm above the GPA and LSAT mean/median for a couple of schools and I know it's the first round, but I'm worried about not hearing back from any of them. Ottawa notified me on Monday that they had only just received my LSAT score that day (my file had been considered incomplete until then). I'm wondering if I might have missed out on the first round of acceptances for a bunch of schools due to the Nov LSAT, or if it was something else about my application they didn't like...
  7. Same. They said they should be updated by the end of this week, but it stills sucks since acceptances from some schools already started going out a few days ago..
  8. I have an error with my cGPA calculation where some of my courses were counted twice, but I can't seem to get any help from OLSAS. I tried chatting with a rep who said you can only get help with this issue through SAM, yet whenever I use SAM, I get the same generic response from Katja\OLSAS. Is anyone else having this problem?
  9. Me too, they said the exact same thing to me. I''m getting nervous since Ottawa has started sending out acceptances but my application with them is still marked "incomplete" due to the LSAT.
  10. Same problem! Has anyone found a solution?
  11. I was PT-ing at 170+ but my score dropped on actual test day, mostly due to an insane amount of proctor/technical issues. UofT is my top choice, but with my B3 slightly below median (3.82) and my transcript all over the place (repeated courses, withdrawals, etc), I'm wondering if I should retake in Jan and risk potentially getting a lower score. Also, does anyone know if it's possible to be accepted anywhere (UWO, Queen's, etc) in Dec/Jan, with a Jan retake still pending?
  12. Appreciate it! I'm just stressing because I know I could have done better if I had had a normal ProctorU experience. With red flags on my transcript (repeated courses, several Withdrawals, a lot of electives) and my low cGPA, I'm worried my LSAT isn't good enough to make up for those other things.
  13. How did you calculate those numbers? And nope, not Ryerson. I also did apply to Queen's, UWO, and Ottawa.
  14. cGPA per OSLAS is about 3.5 (not sure how they'll calculate a couple of odd courses, hence the slight uncertainty). Osgoode and UofT are my top choices!
  15. Nov LSAT scores were just released and I got 167. I know it's not bad but I'm worried it won't be enough to get me into the Toronto schools, especially with my cGPA. My proctor kept interrupting me and I was PT-ing 170+ consistently these past few months, so I'm debating a Jan retake. ECs, reference letters, and personal statements are about average in my opinion. No idea what to do next, so let me know what you think!
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