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  1. wud u say they get their own apartment/condo (and rent it w a roommate) or they live on an on-campus dorm/residence building? what more popular
  2. Do first year law students generally live on campus or off campus and would anyone recommend one over the other? Specifically asking more so in regards to UofT, Osgoode & Western students.
  3. question, why wont they probably look at a feb lsat this cycle? can u explain
  4. because i have a low lsat score too, can i ask what type of law related experiences you have?
  5. not that I am disagreeing or being skeptical or anything, but as a 0L i am eager to know why this is ur opinion? What made you feel this way? Can you explain
  6. Have u ever seen/know if 140 range lsat scores get admitted? 143 with a competitive GPA and diversity/equity considerations
  7. would it just show our transcripts? Or would it show us our CGPA/B3/L2 etc. So we can confirm if our self-calculations are correct?
  8. same! what does your lsat report say on lsac? right now mine just says a first time report has been generated but not that it has been sent yet
  9. Okay thank you. And no it doesnt really matter but Im curious and would like to know the process. Not stressed/worried but I like to be informed.
  10. i checked and it shows it was requested by uoft and osgoode today. So when would it be generated? What is the general waiting period?
  11. or for it to show under lsac that it was generated and sent?
  12. how long did it take for ur lsat score to show on olsas?
  13. Hello Where can you check on LSAC to see if OLSAS requested your score yet? For those who take the Nov test, how long until the score shows up on OLSAS?
  14. Do you guys know what time we usually receive the scores tomorrow at?
  15. Do individuals with significantly low LSAT scores (in the 140s) get accepted? I am asking because I see individuals with significant low CGPA's get accepted (around 3.3) but rarely the other way around....why is that? Wouldn't your CGPA's be more reflective of your ability to succeed in a school environment rather than your LSAT score? By the way for more context, my CGPA is 3.76, B2/L2 is 3.88. I am in my fourth year. I get my LSAT score this Tuesday but I most likely scored in the 140s-low 150s. I do have a good personal statement and I come from a diverse background. My only real issue is the LSAT....and for some reason I never see individuals with a low LSAT score like mine, get accepted into Osgoode....any insight on this?
  16. just because i have similar stats as you......do u come from a diverse background? equity or diversity considerations? Or did you simply just focus on school during undergrad ?
  17. same my L2/B2 is 3.88....im in my 4th year! my cgpa is only lower sadly because of two B's in my first year....other than that im straight A and A+ .......is a 3.76 cgpa high enough to compensate though?
  18. no, in the email it said it cud take 24 hrs to activate....did u get the email?


    u have no control over references....so they shud not penalize u for something u have no control over. You already met their requirements of 2 references so your fine. I believe most schools wouldnt of even read your third reference anyways (although some do)
  20. a good score is always better than a cancelled/poor score due to your "precautions" ......what would be more valuable to ur application? a good score. do whatever you think will get u the best score
  21. did u think u scored poorly? then retake......do you think you could get a better score if u retake? then retake. if not, then i guess u shud leave ur score as it is i prolly wud retake tho
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