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  1. Osgoode started handing out waitlists & rejections....however, I still havent heard back whatsoever. What does this most likely indicates? That they may be waiting for spots to open up before accepting me ? What is your perspective on this
  2. anyone know anything about 1265 richmond st?
  3. I am looking to begin my apartment hunt for the upcoming school year. What apartments do you recommend? Looking for a nice/clean 1 bedroom apartment
  4. Hello, I have a quick question regarding the admission bursary application. Is anyone available right now to answer it? Comment and ill PM you or please PM me asap! Thanks
  5. for those living alone for first yr.....how will u be paying? w line of credit? whats ur price range? getting ur own apt to urself? Im curious cuz im debating living alone vs getting a roommate for first yr as well
  6. after you accept on olsas, itll update on the student centre once processed. ill be attending western as well most likely, pm if u wud like to talk!
  7. when did u go into queue? omg we have similar stats (high gpa, low lsat, equity considerations)....can i dm you?
  8. this cycle? whats ur stats and when did u get accepted
  9. has anyone been accepted that DID NOT get the update that they went into queue for review?
  10. In queue as of March 5th! CGPA 3.77 B2/L2 3.88 LSAT 151
  11. i got in this year, 3.77 gpa, 3.88 l2 151 lsat ....general. If your PS good I bet you'll get in
  12. Just so reference, I applied general! My extracurriculars are average I would say, nothing spectacular. But I have a diverse/unique story.....just to let people know personal statements matter! Take your time with that! In general, im aware it was unlikely I wouldve got accepted but there is always a chance to some degree!
  13. I was thinking the same....I have a 151 so I am hoping I may see myself in queue by late-Feb to mid-March
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