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  1. i got in this year, 3.77 gpa, 3.88 l2 151 lsat ....general. If your PS good I bet you'll get in
  2. Just so reference, I applied general! My extracurriculars are average I would say, nothing spectacular. But I have a diverse/unique story.....just to let people know personal statements matter! Take your time with that! In general, im aware it was unlikely I wouldve got accepted but there is always a chance to some degree!
  3. I was thinking the same....I have a 151 so I am hoping I may see myself in queue by late-Feb to mid-March
  4. update: I got accepted to western so far! future law applicants are always welcomed to PM me! Thank u guys!
  5. By the way! I submitted a late application. I submitted my application in January for Western law. So my LSAT score just goes to show personal statements do matter!
  6. Thank you so much! You helped me a lot! I appreciate it. I guess the odds were in my favour cause I had a long shot!!!
  7. General! I have a very diverse background btw...that probably played a factor. Unique story.
  8. Accepted today! 3.77 CGPA, 3.88 B2/L2, 151 LSAT (January retake)
  9. Hey I got accepted! I want to begin notifying friend and family but I want to make sure its legit. I got accepted on the Western's student centre/law portal but not on OLSAS and I didnt recieve an email. Is this normal? Im so excited. Please let me know.
  10. Hey I applied to Osgoode, UofT, and Western I know I have zero chance at UofT because of my LSAT, but more so do I have a chance at the other two schools? I come from a diverse background and I believe my PS is very well written. My extracurriculars are nothing too extraordinary but I worked all throughout undergrad and even had two jobs for the last two years (currently in 4th yr) Do people with low 150 lsat scores tend to get accepted at Osgoode and Western?
  11. wud u say they get their own apartment/condo (and rent it w a roommate) or they live on an on-campus dorm/residence building? what more popular
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