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  1. I meant GPA is 60% and LSAT is 40%, for whoever ends up reading this
  2. I mean they place the most emphasis on both GPA and LSAT, with LSAT making up 60% of their "index" and LSAT making up 40%
  3. Your GPA is pretty solid, although I think it might be difficult to compensate for the lower LSAT score, unless you can give it a fairly decent boost in November. The way that you keep improving on your scores is a good sign, and I think if you get it in and around 160-162, then that would eliminate a lot of uncertainty about your chances. Bump that LSAT score up, and with your softs I'm sure you'll have a good shot. I'm new to the whole "chances" thing, but based on Dalhousie's tendency to value GPA and LSAT the most (60/40 split, respectively), this is my best guess.
  4. Yes, it does. I submitted mine with everything but one reference in early September--about the second or third. My application wasn't considered complete until recently because it took one of my referees until early October to finish my letter of recommendation.
  5. Got an email from Schulich law admissions saying that my application is considered complete and that the assessment process has begun. What I'm curious about is what exactly this means. Does the assessment process mean they're taking a look at my file, and I can expect a decision some time in the near future, or is it just a way of confirming that my application is finished and that whenever they get around to it, they'll get around to it?
  6. Most schools I've applied to look at your grades for your first three years (or best three, or last two, or whatever it may be), and then ask for you final transcripts as they become available. I know UNB and Dal have accepted people without full degrees, and it appears that its the norm rather than the exception
  7. I applied towards the end of August/beginning of September For reference: 3.83/4.3 L2 (not sure about drops), 162 LSAT. Nova Scotia resident with no connection to New Brunswick. I'm in my fourth year, and graduate next May.
  8. This seems... very early, but I got an email today from Wanda stating that I've been accepted into 2021. Of all the law schools I've applied to, this is my first one to get back to me and to have it be an acceptance is definitely pretty exciting. October 8th seems early, though. Do they do some kind of rolling admissions? It'd be interesting if they do considering the small class sizes.
  9. I'm not sure which law schools have a mostly or completely online component, although I know that Schulich does. For those of you in law schools with such a component, how are you finding it? Is it mostly synchronous or asynchronous, and how well do you feel like you're keeping up with the subject matter?
  10. I told him the OLSAS deadline was November 1st, and Dalhousie's deadline was November 28th Edit: I asked him shortly after September 1st
  11. Hi all, I am wondering how I might be able to politely nudge one of my potential academic references. I really, really, REALLY want to send my Ontario applications in ASAP, and I fear that it's getting closer and closer to the deadline and my chances might not be as good the closer I am to it. Can I afford to wait much longer, and if not, how can I politely nudge my reference to get 'er going, so to speak?
  12. Hi folks, Applications have opened today for a few more of my law school choices (UCalgary and Dal), and I've been picking away at both throughout the day. My application to UCalgary is essentially done, but I have a few questions about when the best time to apply would be, regardless of the school. First off, is there any clear advantage in applying as soon as humanly possible? If the application is the best it's going to be and everything is ready, should I hit send ASAP or leave time to sit on it and make sure it couldn't be any better? This applies to UCalgary, Dal, and UNB but also a handful Ontario schools. I took the LSAT-Flex this past Sunday, and I'm wondering if I should submit the application for UCalgary ASAP. They said that if I don't know my LSAT score, they'll just fill in the highest score whenever they get it. I've already taken the LSAT once (162), so would it matter if I just fill that in and then if I do better on the Flex that's what they'll end up caring about anyway? Also, OLSAS gives me a headache but the second I get all my references in I think I'll be sending that along ASAP as well. Thanks in advance for any insight, and sorry this post is a bit garbled. My brain has been #fried recently.
  13. Hi all, I'm just wondering what my chances might be for the seven law schools I plan on applying to (Dal, UNB, Queen's, Western, UCalgary, with Manitoba as an absolute last resort and Osgoode being a maybe). I'm taking the August LSAT Flex, and I think I am on track to increase my score to at least a 164/165, which would make me happy. My L2 suffers from a not-so-stellar first semester of second year (I'll be applying with three years completed), and my cGPA suffers from an average/mediocre first year and a half or so. Do you think I have a good shot at being accepted at most/all of these schools? My top two choices are Dal and Queen's, so what do you think my chances are there? Thanks in advance for all insight/feedback.
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