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  1. How could you tell๐Ÿ‘€
  2. That's the thing. I did enjoy my undergrad, until this semester. Now it all feels like a chore. My undergrad was one of those do-it-because-you-like-it-and-it'll-get-you-into-law-school, but not really a career path I would've been a big fan of since I would've had to get a Ph.D. etc. The idea of being an academic makes me nauseous, so now that I'm going to law school I'm just... done.
  3. Not sure if a law school admissions forum is the best place to talk about having record-low motivation for school, but has anyone else been hit with a ridiculous case of senioritis? I'm in my last year of undergrad and boy oh boy, has this last semester been painful. I don't know if it's COVID fatigue or if its this bad all the time, but pretty much as soon as law school applications got sent in and I started hearing back from places my drive to do stuff has plummeted. To say I'll be limping across the finish line is a bit of an understatement ๐Ÿ™„
  4. Well this quickly devolved into something quite different than I intended. I know better than to take COVID-invalidators seriously, so it appears I may have to hold off before making a reasonable decision about my moving plans
  5. Title says it all, but my two biggest choices right now are Queen's and Dalhousie, and if you asked me a couple of months ago I would've said that I'm leaning more towards Queen's, but now I'm not so sure it's worth it to move away from home (I'm from Halifax). I eventually want to end up in Ontario (and I know I can regardless of which school I go to), but with the pandemic I really don't know how to justify packing up and moving from NS to Kingston. I realize the aim is for everyone to be vaccinated by the end of next summer, but I doubt COVID will be gone just like that and I doubt even more that law schools will hold in-person classes next year. Given the current circumstances, what does everyone think are the odds classes would be in person next September, and is there any way to justify moving to another province?
  6. Got an email just now, aaaaaaaaand accepted 3.68 OLSAS cGPA (not sure about L2, but I know it would be a fair bit higher) 162 LSAT, best write
  7. you're also probably competitive at UNB as well, especially since they drop some of your worst grades and prioritize GPA over LSAT
  8. What schools have you applied to? It's my understanding that law reports are only an American thing, for American law schools. No Canadian law school I've done any amount of research on has even hinted towards law reports, but I could be wrong.
  9. My deadline for accepting or refusing the offer is January 15th. Not sure if that's earlier than those who have received offers later, but it seems that other schools sending out offers give a later deadline
  10. Congrats. Have you finished your undergrad or are you a fourth year?
  11. Dal takes forever to update that portal, so I wouldn't worry too much. My understanding is that if it's in, it's in, but that doesn't mean the portal is updated immediately
  12. Thanks My application was considered complete pretty much right in the middle of October (the 15th), although I never got anything explicitly saying that my file was being assessed like I've read about with other applicants. Either way, if you apply before the early admissions deadline it seems like there's about a month and a half between when its considered complete and when you get a decision? Not sure how it would be later in the cycle, because I made sure to apply as early as humanly possible. Not sure if this is helpful/answers your question
  13. Thanks all I sent in the application itself around the beginning of September, but it wasn't complete until the beginning of October when my second reference sent in my letter. My L2 is ~3.83 (haven't done the math recently) with two writes for the LSAT: first was 162, second was 160 (Flex can bite me). I'm also a born and raised Haligonian, so my maritime connection is pretty strong.
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