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  1. uOttawa: "We do not have "rounds" of admission. Instead, we admit on a rolling basis, starting in December, and continuing into the late spring"
  2. Yeah definitely frustrating! Hopefully they sort that out for future years.
  3. Queen's would have to take summer classes if you had a full summer course load though, right? I did co-op where I worked in the winter and then had a full course load in the summer. Editing to say: by full course load I mean 5 courses. This was my best semester so I am very concerned lol!
  4. I would email them to check, they have been very responsive and helpful for me. I sent my transcript just 2 weeks ago and it already shows that they have received it.
  5. I thought that UofT takes your B3 though? Was that what you had calculated at 3.90?
  6. No, you are definitely wrong there. As I have said, I have been weighing the costs/benefits now for months. But yes, I am considering "career fulfillment" as a factor in my rationale. If you consider that irrational you have a lot to learn.
  7. I never loved accounting but stuck it out anyways, mostly because I am good at it. I had written off law long ago (high school), despite the fact that it interested me, because I bought into the media narrative of what an attorney is and I did not think I could fit that mold. I have finally circled back after a lot of self-reflection. If I don't go to law school in Sept 2021, I think the opportunity cost will be too high for me to rationalize, as I expect a promotion in about a year.
  8. I am a CPA with 5 yrs of work experience (tax, audit, and now industry), and have just recently decided to apply for law school (took my first ever LSAT diagnostic in September, wrote in November). Given my LSAT score and GPA, I am likely to get in to at least some of the schools I have applied to, but I am still torn over whether or not I will go if I do get accepted. One thing you are not considering is the opportunity cost. If you work for the next 3 years, obtain your designation, and then decide to go to law school, the 3 years' salary you will be giving up to return to school will be significantly higher than what you are making right now as a staff accountant at a firm. This makes the cost/benefit decision a lot trickier, and is something my CPA brain has been struggling with for the past 2.5 months. Had I known when I graduated university that I wanted to study law, I don't know whether or not I would have continued with the CPA program. It is not an easy three years to get through. The CFE requires months of intense study, and the grueling overtime hours you will work at a firm are no walk in the park. Do you want to go through this just to turn around and do it all again at law school, and later at a law firm? Although this experience is likely to give you a leg up when applying to law firms (especially if you choose to go into tax or corporate law), I am not convinced it is worth it. I will say, if you think there is a chance you will choose to stick with accounting and not pursue law, you should work the three years and see if you like it. But if you are certain that you would like to pursue law, I don't think the degree combination is lucrative enough to be worth sticking out the CPA program. You can still excel in tax or corporate law without a CPA. I hope this helps, although I think I am just as confused as you are. Good luck!
  9. My GPA was consistent across all four years so L2 and B3 does not change the 3.7. I have 5 yrs professional work experience and a CPA designation which I believe will elevate my application with UofT. Still, I did worse on the LSAT than I had hoped so I am wondering if I still do have a shot. Thoughts?
  10. The date selection opens 2 weeks before the first test date, so for the November flex we should be able to select our date/time starting October 24th.
  11. I've been using Khan Academy. I find it's a good tool when you have minimal study time, because it identifies the areas you are weakest and targets your study based on that. I will say though, I think that may be why I am having timing issues with LG. I am very strong in this area during the untimed practice, so the tool identified me as "advanced" and my studying was focused more on RC.
  12. Thank you so much! I think switching the order I do the questions in will be a big help. I definitely plan to keep practicing as many games as I can, my biggest problem has been when I see a "new" one on a practice exam and need to think through my approach.
  13. I'm writing for the first time in November and my goal score is a 170. On my practice tests, I have been ranging from 162-167, but where I fall short is with my timing. I can answer most of the LG questions correctly, but I tend to run out of time before I can complete the section. Does anyone have any strategies to improve time management in the LG section?
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