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  1. Right -- and I think I could always have that option of pursuing a PhD later if I wanted to after getting a JD. My priority right now is definitely the JD, and depending on the experiences that I'd gain during law school and later in the workforce, the PhD might actually not be necessary at all.
  2. Thanks for bringing that up -- my science background is more biology based but because of my research dealing with experimentation of novel pharmaceutical drugs I know how important the implications of patenting could be. I also do radio and podcasting on the side as EC work, so I've dealt with some copyright and trademark matters as well. I'd definitely like to keep my options open, and for the longest time I actually wanted to do something that connected all of my areas of passion together -- I think this is definitely an attractive option.
  3. Wow, thank you everybody for your insights! Like many of you said, my thought process was that my potential pursuit of a PhD was going to help me in the job market later on, but I also agree that it is a big decision to make with many implications. Regarding my current MSc program though, not considering GPA, could I use it in my law school application to demonstrate my work ethic as well as analytical and critical thinking skills? In other words, could the MSc experience help my application holistically?
  4. Hi all, I'm currently doing a thesis based Master of Science program but my ultimate goal is to apply to law school. My main area of passion is health and science policy -- and I am curious whether a potential pursuit/obtainment of a PhD in a scientific field would either hurt or improve my chances of getting into law school in Canada. I know most school welcome diverse student backgrounds, but I wonder if anybody has had a similar experience or has any insight on this matter. Thanks in advance!
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