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  1. Added to the wait pool on 27th April OLSAS GPA: 3.66 B2/L2 : 4.00 LSAT: 155 (Jan, only write) Filled part B Recs from two poli sci professors, one who works on the constitution Experience in volunteering with refugees and student club leadership
  2. Waitlisted today on 6th April 2021. CGPA Per OLSAS: 3.68 B20: 4.00 LSAT: 155 International Applicant
  3. hi Ryn, if i get rejected by Osgoode and decide to reapply next year, would it be okay to submit the same personal statement that I wrote for this cycle? Thanks!
  4. waiting as well. it seems like we will be waitlisted if we do not hear by April 1st. OLSAS CGPA: 3.68 B2: 4.00 LSAT: 155 (Jan, only write)
  5. Rejected OLSAS GPA: 3.66 B3: 3.81 LSAT: 155 ( Jan only write) Good luck to everyone!
  6. Anyone have any idea on how long would we have to respond to an offer if we get admitted in Round 3?
  7. unfortunately i cannot afford to move out of GTA so i only applied to UofT, Osgoode and Ryerson. What LSAT score would you think would improve my situation greatly?
  8. I am expecting to hear by April but would love to hear some thoughts
  9. How did you work on improving your LSAT score?
  10. Depending on the universities that you applied to, a lot of them only consider the highest LSAT score. With that said, there is no harm in only taking the Jan LSAT if you feel like you are not ready and would like to save your money by writing the LSAT once. However, you may receive admission decisions later in the cycle such as April or May.
  11. Anyone else did not receive admissions acknowledgement? I received an acknowledgement from every other law school that I applied to other than Osgoode. Should I e-mail the admissions office?
  12. Try contacting OLSAS if they can allow you to make changes. Once your payment is processed, you can add your resume in SAM.
  13. If your October score is good enough, you may get admitted. But if it is not, yet the remaining of your application looks strong enough, they will wait for your January score. If they think that your application is not good enough, no matter how much your LSAT score is, you will get rejected.
  14. Osgoode is my dream school but I need to be realistic on my chances of being able to get in. GPA: 3.80 and LSAT: 158. Average softs and good LORS. Personal statement is average I guess but I did fill out Part B based on equity and diversity. An international applicant too. Chances?
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