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  1. If you are working part-time, would you kindly please share how your schedule and pay is arranged? What area of law do you do? Thanks.
  2. @BringBackCrunchBerries Is it a question? If so, then yes.
  3. I'm in Edmonton. I’m near the end of my articling. The job market now is really, really, really tough for a newbie like me. - I feel I know nothing about the law. This firm seems a bit disorganized and most of the time the lawyers don’t have time to teach me. It also seems they don’t mind paying to me to learn SLOWLY. - I expect to be called in June 2021. - My kid is still very young. As a mom I struggle with going to work 5 days a week, in person, especially during pandemic. We have about 15 people in the office and none of us talks to each other face-to-face at home. Working from home sounds like not an option at this company. Ideally, working half of the week in the office and the other half at home is the “perfect” balance to me. (sanity vs. caregiving … moms understand this ) - As a family, we are finally debt-free. So being a stay-at-home mom until my kid goes to elementary school is possible. - Because I know very little about practicing law, I can’t go solo within 2 years. I haven’t even pick an area of law that I prefer to practice. - The firm offered me a 6-month extension until June 2021. I have a feeling that they may hire me as an associate after I get my license. I don’t mind staying with them for 2+ more years as I really need to learn more. When they offered me the contract extension two months ago, I have tried asking them: where do they see me fit in this company and what specific area that they would like my assistance in, etc. But I didn’t get an answer/hint. All they said is "keep learning". - On the other hand, I accepted a 6-month contract (Jan-June 2021) to work for an in-house lawyer. This is a work-from-home position. Nothing exciting either. It is unlikely I will get hired back after the contract because the work is limited to that company. Advice? Should I risk not getting hired by asking to work from home 2 days a week? If I spend another 6 months or 2 years, will I truly learn more (or will they teach me)? Is it too risky to leave the job market then try again a few years later (ie. Be licensed in 2021, likely won’t get a job until 2023/2024??) This is my second career. I don’t know which direction (in-house vs. solo) I want to go either…. Thanks.
  4. So, I'm about to start my articling at a small business law firm. When I met two main lawyers during the interview, I felt that they would be willing to teach me many things. I could see myself working with them in a long run. However, given the current covid situation and missing one of their usual law clerks, I also thought that they might ask me to do some law clerk tasks. I don't mind it at all. I want to help the firm in any way I can. I have both bar exams scheduled in November. Passing the exams in one-shot is my top priority; then articling comes next. I also don't mind "not being hired back" after articling. LSO told me that they don't have a deadline for "Call to the Bar" for now...whatever time off I exceed the "limit", I will just add the extra days. So, how long can I ask to be off to study for exams? I mean, how long is "reasonable" to ask? I have no idea what to expect at this firm. If you have any suggestions for my situation, I would love to hear. Many thanks!
  5. Good morning, everyone. Newbie here. If I ask a dumb question, please excuse me : ) (1) How much should I expect to get paid at a small firm as an articling student? (4-6 lawyers, Guelph, Ontario) (2) What are the hours I should expect to work? (3) Is it uncommon to ask to work from home due to the current COVID situation? (4) What else I should expect to sign other than the “Articles of Clerkship” provided by LSO? Is there a non-compete type of agreement? (5) I will have both bar exams in November. How much time off do you think it’s reasonable to (the firm) to ask? Much appreciate your advice.
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