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  1. Thank you so much guys! Gonna work my ass off for the next two days and get this done.
  2. Thank you so much for your help! Should I go ahead and apply with the low score, and ask them to wait for my January score? Or should I just study and apply next year? thank you once again :)
  3. Hello everyone, I'm in a bit of a bind and needed some help. Any advice you can offer would be great! I sat for the November LSAT but I have a feeling that I didn't do well at all. It was my first time, and my nerves got the best of me. I wanted to buy the score preview option but didn't really want to spend $45 USD at a time like this, when there's no guarantee that I won't be laid off next month. It was a hard choice but I wasn't in a position financially to do so. I can either submit the application and risk UBC looking at the lower score (I will be sitting for the exam again in January), and email them to let them know to wait, or I can apply next year. I'm just stressed because my GPA (at around 76%) puts me in the splitter category and I need a really high LSAT to offset that. I have time until January to study my butt off, but I don't know how much the low score + low GPA combo will disadvantage my application for the time being. Any advice would be helpful! Thanks so much guys. P.S I now realize that I should have cancelled my score, but I didn't on the off chance that I just think I did really badly but I actually didn't... (yeah dumb, I know now but didn't want the $200 USD to go to waste)
  4. Hi guys, thanks so much for your responses! Sorry, I should have worded it better. I will sit for the October exam, and will register for the November exam as well! My prep is going well but I'm struggling quite a bit also because of working full-time, so I wanted to see what my options were. This makes things a lot clearer. Thanks again!!!!
  5. Hi guys! I'm currently working full time and studying for the LSAT - my first one is in October. One of the schools I was planning to apply to in Canada is UBC, and I know that their LSAT Deadline is January. I just had two questions: 1) If I submit my application in November with a score and ask to update that score after taking the January LSAT - is that even possible? OR 2) If I submit my application in November, without a score, and register for the January LSAT and submit the January score as soon as I receive it, is that hurting my app? Considering it's the last possible LSAT they accept and it's pretty late! Thanks so much!
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