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  1. The professor and assistant were the only two involved in this project, both of which are unresponsive. So, I will not have any luck finding another admin staff to verify my work. I could try calling admin to request another member, but I'm positive they would just forward me to the professor and assistant.
  2. Yes, this is for OLSAS. I was just worried about the rare chance that they decide to call and the professor denies my work, which wouldn't be surprising since they have been extremely difficult to contact. Thanks for the responses everyone! I will go ahead and add it to my sketch.
  3. Oh yes! I've tried everything I possibly can. I have sent several emails throughout the past 6 months. I've emailed through moodle, university email, external emails as well just to make sure that there was't an issue on my end but i've had no luck. I've sent emails to every email they have listed. I have also called their direct line and left a message. I feel that I am being dodged because a friend of mine was able to get a response from them the same day about a similar topic.
  4. Unfortunately, no it wasn't. It was considered 'volunteer experience' and the professor assured me they would verify my experience once it was completed. However, they left mid-semester due to personal reasons and returned after I completed my degree. So, getting a hold of them was extremely difficult.
  5. During my undergrad, I spent an entire summer assisting a reputable professor and her assistant expand their department's database. I was reassured that I would be able to use this experience for my law school applications. However, I have been trying to reach out to both of them for quite some time now and I have not received a response. It has come to my attention that they've been responding to other students' requests except for mine. I really wanted to add this experience into my EC as I spent countless hours with them and deserve my credit. Besides removing the EC from my application completely, does anyone have any other recommendations on ways I can go about this situation? Thanks!
  6. Hello Everyone, Due to the pandemic, I've had to put a hold on my volunteering position and some others that I was suppose to start this year. Technically, I will be going back to these placements once the circumstances are more relaxed, however, I have not been to these placements since the beginning of the pandemic. I am also not sure when I will be returning. Can I state that I currently hold that volunteering position or would I have to put an end date? Thank you!
  7. Same here! The winter semester was my last semester and solely to bring up my GPA. Similar to you, when I don't calculate that semester my GPA is heavily impacted. This is actually so discouraging. I feel terrible for potential law students who worked extremely hard these past few semesters, regardless of the circumstances, and then find out that those grades won't even be counted.
  8. I greatly appreciate your honestly! Other law students have mentioned the exact same thing and it needs to be said to warn potential newcomers. I will definitely give a lot of thought into what you mentioned! Thank you!
  9. Yes, I did receive in school counselling and I am currently in the works of getting those records. Also, I will be able to get medical records from my doctor as I visited her quite frequently during that time. I agree, I am worried that no psychiatrist records might weaken my case but I think I was not referred to a psychiatrists because I was able to find an outlet that helped me from my doctor's recommendations
  10. Although this is off topic from the initial discussion, I believe this is a very common stereotype amongst most universities, where certain degree choices are undermined because of the assumption that their "difficulty" level is not adequate compared to sciences for example. I think that if you were to ask someone in sciences to write an argumentative essay, they would struggle as equally as someone from arts trying to learn biology or chemistry. Therefore, I would find it extremely concerning if universities considered your degree choice as a factor in whether your GPA is adequate. All degrees encompass a wide range of specific skills that some people have and others don't but this is just my opinion.
  11. Oh my mistake! I'm still kind of new to the forum and didn't see this was a civil law forum.
  12. Does taking the January LSAT significantly reduce your chances of getting accepted?
  13. My cGPA is a 3.0 with L2/B2 at 3.23. I am aware that my chances of getting into law school are slim but I definitely still want to give it a shot as its something I'm extremely passionate about. I did not receive a specific diagnosis from a psychiatrist. However, my doctor stated that what I was going through was certainly mental health related and I was able to get treatment through in school counselling. I am not sure if this would be a strong enough claim. This is very helpful! Thank you! I think I've heard of this! A friend of mine used it after a close family member passed but the university did not accept her claim, even with evidence of the passing. They are quite strict on following through with these claims which is quite unfortunate. However, I am not sure if this will be applicable to me as I am a recent graduate and already received my credentials. I will definitely look into this. Thank you!
  14. Hey Everyone, I am planning on applying to law schools this coming cycle. One thing that I feel will be detrimental to my application is my academic record. My GPA was immensely impacted by my first two years where I failed some courses due to suffering from severe mental health issue. Unfortunately, taking time off was not an option for me. It went unaddressed for years until I finally decided seek help in my 3rd year and eventually my grades improved drastically. There is a significant progress over the years in my grades with receiving honours my last 3 semesters. BTW I have repeated the bad grades with significantly better marks. My main concern is that my application will be immediately tossed out once they see my academic records. To explain the horrendous grades on my transcripts, I want to mention my history with mental health in my personal statement without making it sound like a burden to my success in law school. For those who went through similar circumstances or have any knowledge about this, would you mind sharing how you went about mentioning mental health in your personal statements? Any feedback would be really helpful! I am currently studying for the LSAT and will be taking it in October or November. I am aiming for 160 or above.
  15. Thank you! I'll definitely email him and hopefully he can help me overcome this plateau
  16. I'm thinking of buying the individual tutoring hours package. If anyone used this plan, do you mind sharing your experiences with it?
  17. Hey everyone! For those who have taken the LSAT flex, was the countdown timer visible during your test? The LSAC lawhub practice tests show a countdown during the test and give a 5 minute warning. Since a lot of people have said that the test is very similar to those practice tests, I was wondering if that timer is only available for practice purposes.
  18. This may be stating the obvious but I personally saw a huge jump in my score when I started to really mess with the order of the questions. I did the list question first, obviously. Then I did other local questions, which helped me apply the rules and somewhat memorize them due to repetition. As someone with horrible memory, it helped me significantly with speed and accuracy.
  19. This happened to me multiple times during my online test! I would try to highlight the passage and some how my Answer Choices would get highlighted too. Quite irritating in my opinion. As a major note taker, I will definitely have to find another way of highlighting key points. They should offer more online tests for students to adjust to the newer format because now its not just about your logical thinking but also your ability to navigate their extremely glitchy online software.
  20. I am actually in the same boat as you. I can not give you certain advice on whether the Nov LSAT will make a difference or not since I have not applied myself. However, I know many individuals who have already gone through the process and highly recommended to only take the test when you feel ready and your practice test scores at home are close to what you want in the real test. A few of my friends were able to get into law schools with a Jan LSAT with mediocre GPAs. So it is definitely possible but may be limited. Also, you have a few options currently that are advatangeous to prospective test takers. Due to COVID, LSAC has waived the test date change fee which usually deducts $75 dollars from the $200 fee IF they are all flex. I would recommend to see where you are currently with your test scores, apply for the October or November one and see how you feel closer to the date. If you do not feel ready you should push your test date further and you wont be penalized for it. Also, first time test takers have the opportunity to waive their first test score so it doesn't count towards their 3 annual tests. If you want to just see how you do in a real time test situation, you can also use this. Lastly, if you do not feel ready, do not feel pressed for time and just apply next year. I know your admission will be delayed but it is better to be ready and get accepted than to waste your money applying when you aren't ready. This is just my personal advice and route that I am taking. Hope it helps in some way.
  21. Hey everyone, I'm preparing for the October LSAT. I decided to do a timed digital LSAT preptest offered by LSAC and noticed that my score dropped significantly from my when I practiced on paper. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm extremely stressed out now as the test date is around the corner and I feel that the transition from digital to paper will significantly impact my score. I would love to hear if anyone else experienced this and how they overcame it.
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