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  1. My top choice is UVIC, I think its the only school that I would pick without a second thought but my stats are borderline for it so I'm trying to not have too high of hopes 😅 Otherwise, I agree with you, there are a few schools that I would be interested in so I would have to do some thinking!
  2. I applied to UCalgary and my experiences and interests are also geared towards social justice/public interest. I decided to keep my personal statement the same though because I felt like it wouldn’t be genuine otherwise and I just added why I would be interested to attend UCalgary specifically. I feel like even though it may not be fully oriented towards it, we can still take courses and clinics that are aligned with what we want to do. I’m interested to see what others think though!
  3. Mine was also updated today to "under evaluation"! 😊
  4. I’m curious too! I haven’t received anything from Dal after the original “we received your application email” but all my documents have been in since late October
  5. Me too!! I’m just hoping that something in my application stands out to the admissions committee.
  6. I’m not interested in big law so I’m really hoping to be working in Public Interest! I know it encompasses a big range of options so I want to keep an open mind and explore different areas. This is a great thread btw, definitely interesting to see what everyone hopes to do and it takes our minds off the applications threads! 😅
  7. Definitely feeling the stress as well! Especially with Ottawa's delay with receiving documents from OLSAS and still not getting a confirmation of application from other Ontario schools 😭 I am trying my best not to obsessively check statuses but its easier said than done! I think what helps me most is staying occupied with work and any other activities I enjoy and also just planning out a worst case scenario of what I will be doing next year if law school is not an option. Like a few others said, I'm also a planner, so having a general idea of what the possibilities are eases my stress! Even if I'm not 100% sure what will happen, it's not completely unknown either.
  8. I got an email from Ottawa but still waiting on Western!
  9. I understand your worry, it took about 2 weeks for anything to show up on the portal for me, including my personal statement which was a part of the application! Don't worry too much about it though, the received dates end up lining up to when they were originally sent so they have your documents, it just takes some time for it to update.
  10. Thank you! Best of luck to you as well 😊
  11. Do you know how long the application remains in the "To Committee for Review" stage or does it vary?
  12. Yeah makes sense! I think quality should matter over quantity, if some of your entries have long durations since you have been out of school for a bit, I think that would definitely play a factor in how they look at it. For the activities you did in university, if its volunteer with an organization or something of the sorts, you can always just add their general email and they have a record of their volunteers
  13. I was also wondering about this! I have 15 submissions but I'm not sure if that is enough or if I should be including more
  14. Thanks everyone! Mine also just got updated today but the received dates match when I first sent them, looks like it’s just a matter of when they get to update the page
  15. I just submitted my application and under the list of "requirements", it has personal statement but doesn't say that it has been received. Do I need to send in another copy of the one I wrote in the application? If so, where do I send it to? Thanks!
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