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  1. LSAT: 163 CGPA: 3.89 Beyond thankful!
  2. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give Wave ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  3. I think those schools operate on a 30 credit per year basis, so 90/120; is three years of study. For your university, 15 credits would be the equivalent of 90.
  4. Got the email today! cGPA: 3.89 LSAT: 163
  5. Congratulations! I think the post should be in the accepted thread 😀
  6. First of all congratulations! I think the deadline is April 1st to accept, so I don't think there is any rush at the moment. The only thing I could think of, is potentially there is an online open house before the deadline; which may be a reason to accept early. I'm applying for the first time however, so my comments are just based on what I've read.
  7. I checked this morning and it just said under evaluation. In the afternoon it said admitted.
  8. Accepted! Saw it on uzone, no email yet 3.89 CGPA, 163
  9. Not from UofT but requested from Western, Ottawa, Osgoode and of course OLSAS.
  10. Log into your Osgoode account. The username and password are in the email they sent you. Then you can click on the application status and it shows either "thank you for applying" or that it's under review.
  11. I contacted them earlier this week, they said usually late December
  12. It took about 30 seconds to let me access the site but it does work. My last update is on the 27th but I'm still not in queue
  13. Most of the information says mid-December for sending out acceptances. To anyone that was accepted first round in the past, does Mid-December usually refer to the second or third week? Also does anyone know exactly when the OLSAS GPA will appear?
  14. I think it's based on stats. Mine isn't in queue yet, my stats are CGPA 3.88, LSAT 163.
  15. Would you say the transition from undergrad to law school was more difficult than high school to undergrad?
  16. Good luck!!! That's the mindset I'm going with too. If I get it, I get in. If i don't, then there are other options in life.
  17. Just a joke lol. Obviously a poor one.
  18. So correlation, no causation? Hahaha
  19. I agree. When I wrote the LSAT I was very worried about the whole studying process and writing the actual exam. So I just feel kind of weird right now that I'm not worrying at all.
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