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  1. Anyone know when OLSAS will receive my score from LSAC? I wrote in July this past summer and applied last week.
  2. Ok Thanks! I've applied to Ontario schools only at the moment so I'll just be patient .
  3. As this is my first time applying to law school, I'm just wondering if I should be looking out for emails that my applications have been received or anything else?
  4. Completed lsat writing on the 18th, still waiting... Should I call LSAC?
  5. Any chance right now? (won't be writing the lsat again)
  6. LSAT 163, CGPA 3.88 (based on marks so far, 3 years of study)
  7. LSAT 163, CGPA 3.88 (based on marks up to date, 3 years of study)
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