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  1. I'm not really sure what I hope to get from this post but just wondering if anyone else has experience in my situation and can chime in. Basically I feel like I have no future in the legal profession as all my legal experience is in extremely basic, low-level legal work, but it also feels like I'm trapped in the profession as no other industries/careers take me seriously. My background: I got my law degree from Osgoode in 2015 but struggled to find articles. After 1.5 years of working retail jobs, I finally managed to land an articling position doing document review at a small technology start-up. The pay was basically minimum wage, but at that point I was just happy to find articles. While I managed to get called afterwards in early 2018, taking that position was probably one of my worst decisions. I'm still working in the same role today but the pay is still horrible and I have learned absolutely nothing. I have zero litigation experience, almost no experience in solicitor work (I don't know how to do incorporations or any other basic solicitor work). My only relevant legal experience is in reviewing some basic contracts making sure they make sense. Someone without legal training could do my job, most of my work is basically doing copywriting and editing grammar/spelling of documents. I've been in this role for 3 years now but my position is basically legal in title only. Since I was called I have been looking for other positions but firms don't take me seriously as I have no relevant experience and in-house roles require 5+ years of relevant experience. I managed to get one municipal solicitor interview and the entire interview basically went "Unfortunately I have no practical experience in that area, but I'm eager to learn." Needless to say I didn't get the job. I've tried to apply to non-legal roles like policy jobs or contract management positions but 95% of the time receive no response and the other 5% during phone screening I get hammered with concerns about whether I will leave them as soon as another law opportunity opens up. I've never made it past phone screening after hundreds of applications to these kinds of roles. After seeing my weaknesses I started volunteering at low income legal clinics to try and gain some experience but my experience there is literally me furiously googling everything while going from client to client. I feel overwhelmed that I'm harming my clients with my inexperience and the clinic is so busy that I never have any opportunity to shadow or watch some experienced practitioners to gain experience or really learn anything. Everyone there is rushing to go from client appointment to client appointment. I've also debated going for more schooling or trying for alternative certifications but it's daunting paying for more schooling while I'm still trying to pay off my law school loans! COVID is now threatening the company I'm working at now and there seems to be a very real risk that the company will go under. If that happens I will be a 3rd year call with no relevant legal experience. I'm absolutely terrified of this as I can't seem to get non-legal positions, but I also don't have experience in legal positions.
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