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  1. Rejected tester day too B+ 157 LSAT 2+ years of social justice and legal experience
  2. Hi, I've applied to a handful of Canadian law school for the upcoming year but have not heard back from any yet. I've been applying for legal assistant jobs for the summer and am wondering if I should inform my prospective employers whether or not I have applied to law school. I am wrapping up my bachelors degree and am hoping to get accepted but incase that doesnt happen this year I want to have a job in the meantime. I'm sure employers are not looking to hire someone who MIGHT have to quit in a few months. I also don't want to risk ruining my relationship with a prospective future employer or colleague. Looking for advice and thanks in advance!
  3. Will you be accepting your offer to either single or dual?
  4. Waitlisted for the Dual JD. Appeared on the Detroit Website today L2 ~3.5 LSAT 157 Social Justice oriented Personal statement, 2 years of law related volunteer experiences
  5. Rejected today. Letter dated March 16th. CGPA: 2.73 B20: ~3.5 LSAT:157 EC: I thought they were pretty good, over 2 years of volunteering at a non-profit legal firm and 2+ years of leadership role in a club. Talked about rough first 2 years of undergrad in personal statement and very social justice orientated.
  6. I have a checkmark beside by CAS report but not next to Resume & Windsor Personal Profile. I'm assuming they will access these individually.
  7. Yes, I've provided 2 academic and 1 non-academic
  8. My status changed from 'pending review' to incomplete today. I didn't write the January LSAT 😕
  9. Congrats!!! I was just wondering if you applied as a regular applicant and if your GPA is your best 2 years or overall GPA?
  10. Mine hasn't updated either, its been 20+ days.
  11. I had stated that I was planning to retake the LSAT in January my application. I'm not so sure if I'll still be taking the January LSAT. Should I reach out to TRU to update them? How should I proceed with this change?
  12. Thanks for advice! I actually tracked down an old prof that no longer works at the university through LinkedIn and was able to get my second letter of recommendation.
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