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  1. Yes, I've provided 2 academic and 1 non-academic
  2. My status changed from 'pending review' to incomplete today. I didn't write the January LSAT 😕
  3. Congrats!!! I was just wondering if you applied as a regular applicant and if your GPA is your best 2 years or overall GPA?
  4. Mine hasn't updated either, its been 20+ days.
  5. I had stated that I was planning to retake the LSAT in January my application. I'm not so sure if I'll still be taking the January LSAT. Should I reach out to TRU to update them? How should I proceed with this change?
  6. Thanks for advice! I actually tracked down an old prof that no longer works at the university through LinkedIn and was able to get my second letter of recommendation.
  7. I have reached out to my professors both which I have taken multiple classes with and engaged in various conversations but haven't been able to get a response. I've sent them 2 emails within the past 2 weeks and still haven't heard anything. I have one strong letter from my manager and just need one more letter to complete my application. Deadlines are quickly approaching and I don't know what to due since they don't have office hours due to COVID-19. What do I do?!
  8. Hi, The TRU Website states "Because of special circumstances in life, you may not satisfy one or more requirements of a regular applicant and may seek admission under the Special Consideration category." I was wondering If I can I apply as a special consideration applicant if I meet all the requirements but am a POC/First Generation Canadian/ First Generation University Student/ first female to attend post secondary in the family? I'm wondering is this is similar to a diversity statement or of it only applied to prospective students who don't meet their criteria. Thanks in advance!
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