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  1. I spoke to them on Thursday and the guy I spoke to said he was leaving on Friday and that things will be a tad slower... With that said, I believe that (through others on here) they are still doing GPA calculations for time time being. As much as I would like them to work 24/7 just to get my application done we have to wait . In all, I think them taking a break is probably a safe bet .
  2. Hey OP, Similar background (albeit counsellor with adversity ) and stats to you and I completely agree with other people... It is a very difficult process and straining at the best of times and more so with the year we have had. Try and log off of this forum for a bit because it can cause a bit of imposter effect sometimes when you and I and many others see the Chance me: 4.0 GPA 180 LSAT threads . Don't worry about what you can't control right now because there is a lot that you can still do in the meantime. Also, like what @Seekingredemption said you have put in work to get here and that is not all in vain. You have done well to A: Earn a degree with a great GPA and B: a good LSAT score to boot that you can improve on if you decide to later. You have put in hours to this whole process and, although you may feel disheartened, you have put your heart and soul into it so far and that is a lesson in itself. Another thing: remember that this forum is a relatively small sample of people and there are MANY more applicants than what is seen here. So remember there are people that are feeling similar to you and you are not alone. For now, grab a beverage, take a breath, watch some hallmark movies, and keep the faith. Message me if you need from one helping profession person to another, best of luck!
  3. So I think this depends on how low it is... I mean if you have a 140 then probably not but low 150's is probably okay. It is tough to say because it is an access category so it is less based on numbers. Maybe go through the Accepted threads and see what people have said in the past too and look later in them as well like March, April, May etc... From one access to another best of luck
  4. Oh no no sorry. I mean't in Canada and more specifically, Alberta ahah. That was not clear of me.
  5. Hi all, This might be an incredibly stupid question but bear with me. I understand this Sask connection is very important to the school and I want to make sure that my application reflects how important the school is to me. So I've been having issues trying to decide what to put in this Sask connection section. See here is the thing, I'm a first-generation Canadian so I literally have no roots here other than my parents. And therefore, nobody I know goes to U Sask. However, I have been to Saskatchewan multiple times and really loved it. I traveled a lot for work and have seen Weyburn, Yorkton, North Battleford, Swift Current, and Moose Jaw (my favourite of all places). I also competed in the Saskatchewan provincials in my sport at one point in time. I know that this isn't exactly what they were after in terms of connection but I wasn't sure if maybe it counted anyway... I was considering writing about how I really like the province and want to move there but I'm not sure if my work experience/competition experience is enough to be considered a connection. I understand if you guys are like WTF TP??? Hell no!! But I wanted to ask just in case because I haven't really gotten an answer of the website other than "family" of which I don't have. Thanks!
  6. Hey man, If there's anything I've learned from taking this test it's that predicting your score is difficult. I agree that the November test was hard but for all you know, you could have gotten 180. I was PTing the same range as you so I definitely understand your worry. If you're asking for my advice though, I say take it again. Worst case scenario you score lower in January and then they look at your 159. The best case scenario is you score higher. You have nothing to lose by taking both if you really need to and November scores come out before the January deadline so you can make a decision then. Regardless, make a decision that's best for you and not based on what the websites tell you. If you believe that January is your best bet then knock that test out of the park and then land where you land.
  7. Third time (and please god hopefully the last) for me today. It was okay... Now I am pulling an all nighter for an essay I neglected because of this exam.
  8. Thanks! This really helped me and put my mind at ease.
  9. My L60 is a 3.53... I had a really bad semester due to some mental health concerns in Fall of 2018. With that said, I was on the Deans Honor Roll twice after the fact.
  10. Hi all, I am scheduled to write my LSAT in August and I am currently PTing at 160-163 range. I am looking to apply to U of A for Law School. I have a CGPA of 3.62 and I am nervous about this upcoming cycle. What are my chances looking like for admission. Is there anything I can do to make my application better? Thanks!
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