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  1. Hey Canuck Fanatic, I really appreciate you replying in both my threads lol. These are definitely things to think about and thank you for being candid and honest about them. I think I'm still TRU bound
  2. https://edmontonjournal.com/news/local-news/concerns-raised-over-proposed-45-per-cent-tuition-increase-to-university-of-alberta-law-program Law specific article for you guys to read.... Things look rough.
  3. This place sounds very similar to my undergrad !! I am excited
  4. Are you discretionary? Because if you are that might be why. I am in the same boat and I have stopped asking it is really kind of stressful and annoying to not know. Honestly, if they just posted it on the portal people wouldn't ask.... I don't know why they don't
  5. Can someone do a TRU one? I am accepted there and generally want to do family law. How is the weather? Student population? Faculty? Any other things I should know??
  6. I AM IN OH MY GOD THIS IS MY FIRST OFFER. I AM IN SHOCK!!!! I got my books to study for my LSAT a year ago today and an acceptance a year later. This feels unreal. 160 A - Applied end of January and went pending March 18
  7. In the (evermore unlikely event) that I got an offer I would accept it. I've almost written off u of a though purely because it doesn't look like it's going to happen this cycle for me.... *Insert price is right losing horn here*
  8. Congrats!! Did you just get accepted today? When did you go decision pending?
  9. I'm blaming that boat in the Suez canal... Clearly it connects to the Saskatchewan River and all the new offers are stuck behind it.
  10. So... If I didn't get an offer this morning does that mean my chance of getting one today is done? Does anybody know?
  11. To be completely honest, I think the end of May is just what they're giving every applicant because they're so busy lol. I mean it's not technically wrong you will find out by the end of May hahaha. We just got to keep the faith
  12. Hey! I'm about to write a wall of text so feel free to read it and take what you need. As someone who is waiting as well I completely understand. I think ultimately it's good that you don't want to bother them (because like same) but also it may be good to reach out as well. Did you apply discretionary? Because if you did, it's going to be a little bit more of a wait. I applied discretionary and so I'm not even going to ask them for my GPA because I know they have a mountain before they get to me. As for your situation, ultimately it's up to you as to what you want to be doing with this time because the unfortunate part is you can't control the wait (or anything really after you submit your application). I think I would also look at your stats to make your decision in regards to studying... I haven't looked at your profile but if your stats are in line with previous acceptance threads and you haven't applied discretionary then you probably just need to keep waiting. If your stats are lower and you also haven't applied discretionary then maybe studying might be good. As for looking into housing in Vancouver there's really no shame in looking. If anything, I've used it as a motivator to make UBC a reality if not this year then next year. There's really no harm in just taking a gander at what Vancouver looks like housing wise. Financial planning is good but there's definitely things that you can do in the meantime. Have you looked into student loans? LOCs etc ? Do you have enough saved? Could you live without working during school? These are all things that might work to occupy your time and if they're not of use this year then at least you might have a better idea for next year. Vaccines are coming and I don't know where you are located but eventually everyone will get one (who wants one that is) in Canada at least. As for flights, they are probably really cheap at the moment and for the foreseeable future will likely stay that way at least until people are comfortable traveling again but maybe we can lump that in with finances as well. Looking into the cost of flights as we get closer to September may not be bad even from just a planning perspective as to when you leave your country. Lastly, I completely know the crazy feeling that you are feeling at the moment. But ultimately, the law school gods have the last say so the only thing you can do are things within your control. You have doing great so far :). I know this process is really hard but eventually you'll get an answer. Let me know if you need to talk or just want to vent. Best of luck with everything
  13. Basically what happened was my reference didn't get processed until the 18th and then LSAC sent it on the 22nd.
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